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Worksmart Re-Join the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce


20th April 2018


9:49 am

We were thrilled to share with you some very exciting news this week. No, we’re not talking about the fact that we now have almost a thousand likes on Facebook (although that is a close second), but that we are now member of the Ayrshire Chamber once again. We are delighted to have re-joined this organisation, which we explain more about below.

First, a bit about what the Chamber of Commerce does for interior fit-out and refurbishment companies like Worksmart. They are an organisation focused on helping encourage business growth in the local area and across the entire business environment in Ayrshire. The Chamber achieve this by organising several informative training events throughout the year, on topics including social media and the upcoming introduction of GDPR legislation. These ensure that all businesses in Ayrshire can stay on top of all changes in law, as well as remain at the forefront of their industry. Also, the Chamber provide networking opportunities and informal events for its members, such as their annual football tournament (which we attended last year).

For Worksmart, the choice to become a member of the Ayrshire Chamber again was obvious. For one, it will give us a platform to showcase our fit-out and refurbishment projects to the Ayrshire business market. This will give us a greater market coverage, both within Worksmart’s home of Ayrshire and the wider business market. Also, the Ayrshire Chamber have a strong knowledge of various business subjests, shown by the variety of training they offer.. Finally, it will allow Worksmart to become integrated into the wider business community and build relationships with like-minded businesses.

Overall, being a member of the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce will hopefully bring many number of exciting opportunities to Worksmart. From the chance to partake in some exciting events to the ability to showcase our projects, we can’t wait to see the impact of our membership. To find out more about the Ayrshire Chamber or become a member, visit

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