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Worksmart Company Briefing Meeting Recap


16th March 2020


3:33 pm

Acorns to Oak Trees – Where we were, where we are and where we are going.

Professionalism, Honesty, Value, Loyalty and Competency. The five core values we work towards here at Worksmart Contracts. This was the topic of discussion at our company briefing meeting in the new East View Suite at the recently refurbished Park Hotel in Kilmarnock; a stunning venue for any function or event.

Over the last few months, the Worksmart team has worked hard on this project. The result of the effort is plain to see, and we’re delighted with the results. The Park Hotel project, in addition to the new Blues at the Park Restaurant and projects within Kilmarnock Football Club’s Rugby Park Stadium, has resulted in a very busy last few months.

Following the success of the last Alignment Meeting two years ago, the Worksmart management team wanted to communicate to the entire Worksmart Team under one roof. Quality time was needed to go through each and every department to discuss the current situation and our goals for the future.

We believe it’s important for the full team to understand where each of the departments are, what they are trying to develop and improve, and what they are looking to do in future. It’s crucial that each team is able to see how this interacts with other departments and how the business benefits overall from the process. For a company to be successful it must be efficient. At Worksmart, we recognise this and are working to improve our efficiency in every aspect of our business.

The conference was opened by Steve Neilson presenting images of recent projects. Professional photography coverage was once again provided by the talented Guy Hinks, who was also on hand to photograph the event. Following on from that was a general overview of the structured development of the company. This included the aims of Worksmart, job roles, responsibilities and a look at recent investment in the company such as: IT systems, vehicles, newly branded workwear.

Worksmart Contracts Joiner Scotland FitOut Refurb

Steve also informed the full team of the success of Worksmart Fire Door Inspection and also the newly formed EMC Projects Ltd. This has just been formed with Worksmart and Michael O`Brien, a well-established electrical and communications business owner.

It was then the turn of Lisa Neilson to address the room, discussing the need for everyone to working smarter, embrace their job roles and responsibilities, the quality management system, training, betterment and more. Lisa went into the last few years of the overall Scottish and UK construction industry markets and their trend lines, along with the comparison between the UK trend and the Worksmart trend. She demonstrated how Worksmart has been able to sustain business levels through the tough times and are slower to be affected by the downtrends, and react better than others in the market.

Worksmart’s Business Development Manager, Jim Harkins, then informed the team of all the excellent work at the front end of the business. This included the marketing, the new CRM system and how we have it linked together. He then spoke about how we harness these systems to stay up-to-date with market trends and integrate with our consultants.

Jim also touched on the CPD Seminar which is being delivered by Worksmart Fire Door Inspection all over Scotland, including two with RICS in the coming months at their Glasgow and Edinburgh offices.

Barry engaged with the team and discussed how the full and extended Estimating department works, integrating with Jim in BDM and controlling tenders in and out. He told how the use of the new Conquest system making us more efficient and working well with our process flows, and assessing sub-contracting partners and ensuring they are at the best price point and quality.

The Park Hotel Kilmarnock East View Suite

Paul took us through the Commercial and Procurement side of things and went through the new additions to the team, speaking about how everyone works collaboratively with the other departments within the business. He stressed the importance of every cog in the wheel playing its part and how the business is the sum of its parts.

After this, Gary, who heads up Operations, took the time to go through all aspects of the system and its requirements. He also welcomed the extended team, now featuring additional Contracts Managers, Project Managers, Site Managers, Site Supervisors, Joiners and Apprentice Joiners. This accounted for some thirty plus members of the team. We have developed our company and our team to be highly sustainable and diverse, ready to take on and deliver Interior Contracting projects all over Scotland and the UK.

Mhairi took us through the HR side of the business, making everyone comfortable with the systems and procedures while going through various aspects of the Core Values. These values were created at the aforementioned Alignment meeting two years ago.

The conference was then closed out with Steve back on stage giving everyone a refresher on the Acorns to Oak Trees outlook.

Worksmart Contracts Fit Out Refurbishment Contractor

On behalf of the entire Worksmart team, we’d like to take our hats off to Gordon Anthony, Hotel Manager at The Park Hotel. It is always important to feel comfortable and be well looked after at conferences and we were certainly well looked after by Gordon and his fantastic team at the Park Hotel. Thank you for a first-class service.



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