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Efficient Design

At Worksmart Contracts, we believe that the efficient and effective design of a building is particularly important when considering sustainability. The buildings we inhabit are responsible for 40% of carbon emissions so how can we overcome this?

We work closely with our clients to create Green Offices – spaces that are designed with sustainability and staff wellbeing in mind. The offices bring the outside in and are focussed on reducing energy consumption and lowering emissions. This can be achieved through the use of clever design techniques and glass partitions to flood the area with natural light, reducing energy consumption. Using plants and natural materials can also promote a relaxed, tranquil environment which will encourage greater productivity and efficiency.

Companies have incorporated Green Offices into their businesses to reduce their overall impact on the environment, promote employee wellbeing and inspire clients/staff to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Why it Matters to All of Us

Climate Change is at the forefront of public debate therefore it is imperative that we consider the ways in which we can minimise our environmental impact.

It is a topic of conversation in every industry, including construction and a particular focus for landlords, construction consultants and architects. Everyone must consider changing to more sustainable methods and help to combat the climate crisis.

With the recent COP26 summit in Glasgow, sustainability and the environment will be a huge talking point for many. The aim of this summit is to bring parties together to speed up action towards the issues of climate change that are continuing to have adverse effects on the planet. It is critical that nations take a collaborative approach to tackling global warming. To find out more about the United Nations COP26 summit, please click the link!

Leading by Example

At Worksmart, we consider sustainability at every stage of the refurbishment/fit-out process. We are constantly striving to meet the objectives of our environmental policy through the implementation and regular review of targets.

How can Worksmart help you to meet your Environmental Objectives?

Sustainable Subcontracting

Reducing our environmental impact is a team effort and we engage with subcontractors who have similar values to ourselves.

What we do best

We work with our clients to create a green space that works best for them. 

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