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The Covid-19 pandemic has completely altered our mindset towards work. There has been a monumental shift to remote working due to the restrictions that were put in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Only 5% of the uk workforce worked from home pre-pandemic
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Home working can have its benefits and drawbacks...



Why Hybrid?

A recent study from the Boston Consulting Group states that 67% of employees currently working from home wish to be able to split their time between home and the office environment.

Organisations are beginning to adopt a hybrid way of working allowing more freedom of choice. Employees are required to visit the office for meetings and collaborative working however daily tasks can be performed from home or elsewhere.

Throughout recent years, bosses have discovered that when implemented well, hybrid working is a much more efficient and cost-effective model. People are also able to achieve an improved work-life balance which has made hybrid working increasingly more appealing to many.

Suburban Hubs

Many companies are considering the use of suburban hubs. These shared spaces in towns and cities are utilised by numerous businesses allowing their employees to work from a more convenient location without having to travel to a headquarters. 

This change to the use of these hubs is not only a direct result of the pandemic, but also the ’15 minute city’ project. This concept for businesses believes that everyone in a densely populated area should be within a 15 minute walk/cycle of an essential urban service, such as an office space.

At Worksmart, we work closely with our various clients to ensure that these shared spaces are designed to suit the needs of the many different professionals who utilise them. We also work closely with our design teams to look after the wellbeing of these individuals by ensuring the space is well lit, green and has appropriate air quality.

How can Worksmart help you implement a Hybrid Working Model?

Worksmart Flexi-Space – COVID-19 Office Refurbishments

The health and well-being of staff is paramount and instilling a level of confidence high enough in people to encourage them to return to the office is equally important. Through innovative design and spatial planning in the office, Worksmart can help you achieve this and create a safe working environment for your staff. We want to get staff back into the built working environment again.

Flexi-Space Redesign

Worksmart Contracts are creating offices to match the current and future needs of businesses. You must ensure that your workspace is designed in such a way as to minimise any possible COVID-19 transmission. Long-term solutions are the only response to the current situation and workspaces need to be modified in order to reassure workers.

The purpose of a company office has also changed from a daily workspace to a place for meetings and group collaboration. We work with design teams who can help you adapt your workspace to incorporate more breakout areas, quiet spaces and additional facilities for employees. Smart working is the way forward!

Worksmart’s Flexi-Space and Design team benefits from the expertise of interior designers, architects, space planners, pre-construction specialists and office furniture consultants.

By combining all of this knowledge, we have created a team who are capable of meeting the challenges of office design in 2020 and beyond. Thanks to our Spatial Planning and Design team, Worksmart Contracts can help you get your staff back into the office safely.

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