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With the increasing prevalence of home working in recent years, landlords have been greatly impacted by falling occupancy.

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this and we have seen some organisations move to a home working model for the foreseeable future. Firms are downsizing and avoiding long-term leases due to the economic uncertainty as a result of the pandemic.

Home working has its benefits to companies who save on overheads however landlords are struggling to fill the vast number of spaces available. Unfortunately, when landlords do eventually source tenants, they are met with the huge task of adapting the office space to suit their needs. This can be costly and time consuming!

What is a CAT A + Fit-out?

Category A fit-out/refurbishment is when a building is fitted with lighting, suspended ceilings, raised flooring and heating (the bare bones) and tenants are required to supply furniture, fixtures, fittings and branding themselves. This method allows organisations to add their own personal touch to the décor of the of the building and saves landlords a considerable amount of money.

Conversely, Category B fit-out/refurbishments is a step further and is when buildings are fully fitted-out ready for people to move in and start work straight away. This option can be costly to companies however it minimises disruption and saves company resources.

What is a CAT A+ Fit-Out?

Category A+ fit-out/refurbishment is the ‘in between’ offering to landlords. This includes a basic fit-out including lighting, heating and suspended ceilings but also some additional design features that will allow businesses to move in straight away. Some firms may be required to source some additional furniture and branding however the space will be ready for immediate occupancy.

CAT A + is the most desirable option for many as disruption is kept to a minimum and there won’t be the large price tag associated with a full CAT B fit-out.

Worksmart’s CAT A+ fit-out solutions are tailored specifically to our client's requirements and have a number of benefits to the productivity of their business.

What are the benefits?

How can we help?

We work with our clients to ensure each office space is suited to ALL individuals who are using it. We think about every aspect of your workspace, taking wellbeing and the environment into account so you don’t have to. Our design teams ensure that each space is green, well ventilated and adepuately lit. 

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