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Sustainable Solutions for Industry


9th May 2022


8:46 am

Sustainability in industry has become a key focus for customers, shareholders and regulatory bodies in recent years and it must strike a balance between people, profitability and the planet. Many organisations are now working towards a number of environmental objectives and sustainability is often one of the main features of company websites alongside reducing carbon emissions, waste and inequality. Industry accounts for almost a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions which is a deeply concerning statistic. Many firms claim to be sustainable however they don’t have the processes in place to back this up. In order to be green, you must have socially responsible design practices, ethical sourcing, sustainable manufacturing and logistics practices as well as safe maintenance and services.

At Worksmart Contracts, we work with a number of sustainable and green companies who are all working towards reducing their carbon footprint and greater cost savings. Solutions such as intelligent Hybrid Platforms for smart LED lighting, security, intelligent sensors, communications, and digital signage are often used to reduce carbon emissions. As well as this, EPC, battery storage and off-grid solutions in renewable energy such as solar PV and heat pumps can be utilised.

We are looking to promote ethical and sustainable products to industry leaders throughout the UK and hoping to play our part in combatting the industrial impacts on the planet. We have recently formed a strategic partnership with our friends at Autonomous iOt who are a West of Scotland based company that specialise in sustainable solutions targeted at organisations who are looking to limit their carbon footprint and reduce their costs.

This unique product encompasses lighting, surveillance, monitoring, communication, digital signage and more into one easy to install product suitable for many premises and industries and is powered by solar and wind. As well as being suitable for a diverse range of markets, the financial return on investment companies will gain from the product is the most attractive aspect. Recent world events have seen costs soar and utility bills are becoming a huge expense for many organisations throughout the country. These products will lower costs considerably freeing up capital for organisations to reinvest in other sustainable measures.

In addition, SME’s, Multinationals, PLCs, Government Agencies, Local Authorities have committed to sustainable practices and are on board with the agreed reductions. Autonomous iOt’s product solutions help clients to achieve this and monitor their progress using the desktop dashboard and mobile app.

Whether you are a Multinational Goods Manufacturer, Logistics Warehousing Distribution Centre, a courier firm, a Local Authority, a Government Agency, a fish farm, a car rental firm, a housing association, a house builder, a timber merchant, an FM provider or if you work on the roads and rail infrastructure you will reap the rewards of having this unique and highly advanced product.

To find out more, please visit our website or fill out our contact form to book your initial consultation.

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