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Sustainable and Renewable Offices, Glasgow


9th March 2022


9:33 am

The pandemic has altered the lives of many and the world as we know it has changed forever. The last couple of years have given individuals the opportunity to reflect on their current career and decide whether they are truly content or not. According to a recent study by Aviva, three in five UK workers are considering a career change since the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, how can businesses in Glasgow attract talent and increase their staff retention?

One way in which firms can achieve this is by demonstrating their ethical and sustainable approaches. A company that has distinctive values with a positive contribution towards the health of the planet will become an attractive employer to many.

Following the recent COP26 summit in 2021, the business landscape in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland will begin to change drastically and firms must recognise the impact that they are having on the environment and begin to work to change this.

How can Worksmart Contracts help you become Green?

At Worksmart Contracts, we are here to help businesses on their way to a green future. We work closely with our clients to create tailored solutions that are sustainable and green and also take employee welfare into consideration. Is your workplace energy efficient and makes use of recycled materials? Is the air quality in and around your office clean benefitting the health of the planet and your employees?

Our team worked well with designers to create offices that are flooded with natural light and retain heat. Our M&E functions also install modern, unique and environmentally friendly LED lighting which also utilises power-saving technology – all of which reduces energy usage.

Furthermore, we engage with environmentally aware furniture providers who provide functional and attractive furniture pieces which are manufactured from recycled materials. This further solidifies that you are a company with strong values and will make you stand out when attracting potential candidates.

Interested in finding out how Worksmart can help you become green? Get in touch below or register your interest through our ‘Contact Us’ page below.

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