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Social Distancing Partitions for Businesses – COVID-19


16th June 2020


10:36 am

Protective Partitions for Social Distancing

The cogs of the economy are beginning to turn again and businesses are finally returning to work after the COVID-19 lockdown. Before you return though, you need to ensure your workplace is safe for staff, clients and customers. Worksmart are delighted to be able to provide Komfort’s brand new Protekt range of COVID-19 social distancing partitions and social distancing screens. This new range will aid social distancing in the workplace and help prevent the spread of the virus.

Protective screens are going to be vital throughout our society in the coming years. Protective partitioning is going to allow us to return to normal and live our lives again. You are going to be seeing them in every type of business, from hairdressers to restaurants and schools.

social distancing partition restaurant
Social Distancing Partitions for Cafes and Restaurants

Protective glass screens will help prevent the spread of germs from one person to another. The reason we had to go into lockdown was because the transmission rate of the virus was dangerously high. Keeping that rate low is key to allowing our society to function again. Glazed partitions are going to be a big part of our ongoing fight against COVID-19 and against a second wave of this coronavirus.

Social Distancing Partitions

social distance partition bar
Social Distancing Partitions for Restaurants and Bars

Working with Komfort Partitions, we can provide your business with a protective shield against COVID. This will help you bounce back from the pandemic and future-proof you in the long term. These specially designed partition systems can be used in many different settings, can be customised in terms of size, shape and colour, and can even come with anti-bacterial panels.

Glazed partitions will allow people to work as normal without being fearful of the virus. It will allow shoppers to shop in confidence, diners to enjoy each other’s company and allow children and other students to return to their classrooms. It will help the millions of people out there in desperate need of a haircut!

Social Distancing Partitions in Restaurants, Hairdressers and Offices

protective covid partition school classroom
Social Distancing Partitions for Schools

Social distancing office partitions can be put up between workers’ desks so they can work in peace. Protective screens can be put up between drinkers at a bar, or people in cafes. COVID partitions for restaurants can be seamlessly integrated into a space, allowing people to enjoy the hospitality sector once more.

These protective COVID screens won’t need to be intrusive either. For example, a waiter at a restaurant will still be able to clearly see customers requiring attention. Staff in waiting rooms will still be able to see everyone waiting. Students won’t be able to hide from their teacher either. Glazed partitions are easy to clean, meaning disinfecting them regularly won’t be a problem.

Lockdown has been challenging for everyone. Now it’s time to get back to work, restart the economy and return to normality. We shouldn’t be reckless though, and need to remain alert to the risks of the virus. That’s why it’s so important to take measures, like protective social distancing partitions, to prevent a second wave of COVID-19.

Finance Offers for COVID-19 Partitions

hairdresser partition covid protective screen
Social Distancing Partitions for Hairdressers

Some good news for businesses on the matter is that there are Capital Allowances available on these screens. Spending on Glazed screens will also ensure longevity compared to thinner, less stable Perspex versions. We are partnered with Cavetta Consulting, who can advise on capital allowances for the refurbishment of buildings, including the installation of protective Glazed Partitions.

There are also leasing options available to assist you in the financing of social distancing partitions. We regularly work with Bluestone Leasing, and can put you in touch with their expert team.

Whatever your social distancing partition requirements, our experts are able to create your ideal solution and future-proof your working environment with Komfort Protekt.

If you’d like to leave an enquiry about COVID-19 Protective Partitions, click here.

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