Ellis Whittam – Office Fit-Out – Glasgow

Worksmart were one of four in the competitive tender for the office fit-out works. Secured the works and prepared for a quick contract start on site. With a lot of detailed off site bespoke and system manufacturing the works before the start on site was important to meet the Programme.

The Office Fit-Out works included for various services, Joinery, ceilings, partitioning, double glazed partitioning, glazed and timber doors, decoration, various floor coverings and graphics, manifestations and signage.

Followed by a first class Furniture package by Bureau+ Delighted to work with our Clients at Ellis Whittam and indeed the C2:concepts team.

Fife Council – Mobile Storage

To create efficiencies, Fife Council were bringing various departments under one roof. An area at the Bankhead Complex was chosen and further plans were drawn up. Mesh Partitioning was installed to create multiple storage areas with keypad security for each department.

Mesh Partitioning was installed to create multiple storage areas with keypad security for each department. To be as environmentally friendly as possible, existing storage systems, such as existing mobile shelving, was relocated to the new areas.

New Mobile Shelving for File Store was provided to increase the storage capacity for all departments. A full filing audit was undertaken and a future expansion plan was taken into account.

Within the areas are PPE store, an election store and social work departments. This would normally require several remote premises, but our storage solutions allowed for greater interdepartmental co-operation.

Egger Barony – Ayrshire – Pallet Racking Repairs

Our storage team carried out the inspection of pallet racking for a local manufacturer, which highlighted remedial works that were required to ensure health and safety standards were met.

Some older obsolete racking was taken down and used to repair existing damaged racking, while also supplying new pallet racking in its place to maintain the same capacity. Each upright was fitted with wrap round guards, to ensure they are protected in the event of a collision.

An outer single-entry run was moved to form a back to back run,  with an anti-collapse mesh back  fitted to the rest to prevent anything falling into the walkway behind.

This resulted in another delighted customer, who was thrilled with his pallet racking works and has since placed additional orders with us.

CV Labels Storage Ayrshire

Our client required us to increase storage capacity in their warehouse, to allow them to increase their production abilities. This work was carried out at the same time as our Contracts team’s works in the same building.

After learning of the client’s needs, we decided on a plan to install further pallet racking.
We installed both double and single bays of racking, giving the clients 297 pallet locations for storage.

This project resulted in a happy client, who is delighted with the efficiency increase our storage solutions have allowed. We have also gave them the ability to expand production by a further 108 pallet spaces.