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Scottish Construction’s Future


15th September 2017


2:27 pm

One of the big stories in Scottish Construction at the moment has been the long awaited opening of the Queensferry Crossing, the newest bridge over the Firth of Forth. With the limelight back on the world of construction in Scotland, I thought I would take a look at how the interior fit-out and refurbishment may change in the coming years.

Increase in Use of Robots

Throughout all sectors of industry at the moment, there seems to be a huge discussion about the implementation of robotic technology. While there has been wide spread scepticism around this technology, it can be used to further increase efficiency. One major development that could be used is 3D printing, which has seen significant improvements in the last few years such as the introduction of concrete printing. With the ability to create entire buildings, this can dramatically speed up the initial stages of our fit-out project, and therefore allow our projects to happen quicker. Additionally, there have been a huge increase in the availability of drones, which allow for unique views of sites. This can allow for our fit-out and refurbishment to be captured in unique ways, and create the best case studies possible.

Worksmart have already experimented with this technology on our fit-out works at Kingsway Court, where we used a demolition robot to allow for the downtakings of the original building. While this would normally have been a dangerous job for the Worksmart site team, the robot allowed for our site to maintain high standards for health and safety.

Renewable Energy Demands

With so much focus currently on climate change, the demand for renewable, clean energy has never been higher. With the Scottish Government continually working to improve the amount of clean energy, some companies we provide fit-out or refurbishment works for will ask for features such as solar panels on larger projects. Not only will this allow for our clients to receive a higher level of satisfaction on their interior project, it will also allow for Worksmart to gain a better reputation in the fit-out market. Our current environmental policy is available on our website.

BIM Modelling

One piece of technology that is starting to become more widely is BIM, or Building Information Modelling to give it its full name. This is a 3D modelling tool that allows for architects and designers to create full models of projects to show to clients. This is a fantastic revolution in the world of architecture, which can allow for clients to experience a walkthrough of their project before any works begins. This would therefore ensure client satisfaction on all our fit-out and refurbishment projects.

Possible Decrease in Workforce

While most of the future of Scottish construction appears positive, there could be one drawback. With Brexit on the horizon, the RICS reported that the UK Construction Sector could lose up to 200,000 EU workers if we are unable to stay in the single market. While this may seem like a huge problem for the future of construction, it can actually be an opportunity to develop the next generation. With only 10% of construction employees aged between 16-24 according to the FIS, this is a fantastic time for more interior fit-out and refurbishment companies to employ apprentices. Our own apprentices have brought significant benefits to Worksmart, from allowing us to take on larger projects to helping to develop good relationships with local colleges, schools and governing bodies. The FIS are helping to combat this with their iBuiltThis 2017, a new campaign designed to develop young people’s interest in the interiors sector.

In conclusion, there is a lot of exciting developments coming in the future for interior fit-out and refurbishment companies such as Worksmart. With technological developments happening rapidly, our sites will soon be even more innovative and hopefully allow for us to #makeitworksmart for all of our clients.

#iBuiltThis2017 #KieranJohnstone

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