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Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2018


2nd March 2018


4:43 pm


This week, the 5th – 9th of March is Scottish Apprenticeship Week. This is a government initiative used to promote the benefits of apprenticeships, and the positive impact they can have on the apprentice, the business that employs them and the economy. Worksmart have consistently used apprentices throughout our 15 years in business.

Worksmart primarily employs their apprentices in the fit-outs side of the business, with currently six apprentice joiners working on our sites all across the UK. We take on both younger apprentices straight into the trade and mature apprentices who are looking for to pursue their passion while also learning a trade. These apprentices have become vital aspects to our refurbishments and fit-outs, with the ability to work with specialist glazed partitioning. This is a specialist material that most joiners do not get to work with until much later in their career, which helps to give us the most highly skilled workers possible both now and in the future.

Worksmart are acutely aware of the well documented skill shortages in the construction industry. There appears to be a general reluctanceto employ apprentices, with only 2% of construction workers being apprentices according to the FIS. Also, 54% of companies didn’t employ apprentices in 2016, showing the lack of opportunities available. We have therefore built strong relationships with organisations such as CITB and Ayrshire College, to allow us to improve the next generation of tradespeople.

So how do these apprentices help Worksmart? Firstly, it helps us to build strong relationships with the younger generation. These young people are the future, and employing apprentices also means that Worksmart can have a highly talented workforce for years to come as a result of the high levels of training they receive. Worksmart pride themselves on our hard work and dedication to improving the young workforce.

We hope this has shown both the benefits of using apprentices and the ways in which Worksmart use our own. We are at the forefront of ensuring that the skills gap that exists within this industry is reduced. If more organisations do not act urgently, there will be no apprenticeships available in future. This will only further increase the skills gap within our industry.

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