Vestey Foods – Ayrshire – Pallet Racking

We were approached by a nationwide distributor to help them improve their storage capacity, as their freezer lacked the required pallet spaces. Our storage team created drawings of the pallet racking they would provide.

We agreed with the client to complete the works out of work hours, to ensure minimal disruption to daily operations. The client gained 50 additional pallet spaces from our works,  allowing their operations to expand significantly due to the aisles of pallet racking being narrowed and upright guards being installed.

The client couldn’t believe how much was gained by the works and didn’t know what he would have done without it.

SAFC Sigma Aldrich Irvine

The client looked to increase their storage space, and after research, decided that a mezzanine floor was the best option.

Worksmart were required to install 2no. open mesh grid mezzanine floors and 21 bays of pallet racking to increase floor space and storage capacity. This had to be completed out of office hours, to avoid disruption to day to day operations.

We also completed the building Warrant package on the customer’s behalf, to ensure peace of mind and compliance.

Prestige Leisure

Narrow the aisles between existing racking by moving 100 bays to give enough space to install a new run to give extra storage capacity. Had to be done over a weekend so the area was ready for staff picking orders on Monday – completed on time and on budget.

North Ayrshire Council – RMC

The Records Management Store of North Ayrshire Council has been based for many years in Perceton House, Irvine.  Over this time as the number of records stored increased, so did the amount of shelving required.  This eventually led to the Records Store covering 3 separate buildings, none of which were really meant for this purpose.

The existing buildings had been outgrown with restrictive access and less than ideal for storing valuable and important records.  Staff had to venture outside to access the stores in all weathers.  A suitable building was located in Irvine that would offer the staff a secure modern office with reading rooms and a single storage area all under one roof.

The project involved dismantling existing mobile shelving which the council had for many years and integrating it with a new storage solution. As the existing system was fully relocatable, this was an easy procedure.

The new store achieves 3,350 linear metres of storage accommodating 10,000+ archive boxes which will allow the Records Service additional capacity to expand going forward. The layout of the store provides the staff with uninterrupted access to boxes with faster retrieval times, increasing the efficiency all round.

NHS Ayrshire

With a requirement to relocate and save space, mobile shelving was dismantled, transported and relocated. As the NHS operates 24/7, they required continuous access to important files, which we were able to easily accommodate.

Worksmart provided a solution to move two existing systems into one new filing area. This provided additional admin areas for the NHS staff. Due to the nature of the product, all components were re-used, saving valuable resources and expense.