SAFC Sigma Aldrich Irvine

The client looked to increase their storage space, and after research, decided that a mezzanine floor was the best option.

Worksmart were required to install 2no. open mesh grid mezzanine floors and 21 bays of pallet racking to increase floor space and storage capacity. This had to be completed out of office hours, to avoid disruption to day to day operations.

We also completed the building Warrant package on the customer’s behalf, to ensure peace of mind and compliance.


The Worksmart Storage team were approached to look at a solution for a local manufacturing company.  They had made a decision to move out of the warehousing they had been renting for a number of years and consolidate into their current facility.

The current sample pick-pack operation would need to be relocated from the existing warehousing to the production site and still be 100% accessible. The customer had available height in the building which was not being used to its best potential.

A mezzanine floor was proposed for this making best use of the existing free height and not interfering with the daily operations around this area.  The forklift had to be able to work underneath the floor.  Our team confirmed the required load capacity and what the floor would be used for.

To maximise the area’s storage potential, additional shelving was installed. Standard frame heights and a mix of 2 beam lengths, as well as the mezzanine floor,  allowed the capacity of the area to increase by over 40% while still allowing palletized and individual paper stock to be stored.