Top Mistakes During Office Fit Out or Refurbishment
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Mistakes to Avoid During an Office Fit-Out or Refurbishment


13th November 2019


6:28 pm

Committing to a new office Fit-Out or Refurbishment is a significant undertaking. There are a lot of moving parts involved and you need your brand-new office up and running again as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes people make when carrying out a Fit-Out or Refurbishment. We’ve listed some of the top pitfalls to avoid:

Set Aside Sufficient Time Before the Project Begins

Carrying out a refurbishment or fit-out is a big task, no matter the size of the project, a lot of work needs to get done. In the midst of all the work, it’s likely that there will be one or two unforeseen hiccups that slow down proceedings. In order to ensure that this doesn’t cause the whole house of cards to tumble, you need to ensure ample time is allowed for the works. This will allow everyone on site to do what they do best, without any unnecessary added pressure landing on their shoulders part of the way through the project.

Always Have a Contingency Sum Available

As we’ve previously stated, a lot can happen during a project, sometimes there are unforeseen works that creep up on even the most diligent planners among us. These hidden works can end up requiring some extra budget to be added on; when this happens, you do not want to come up short. Having a safety net is important in all aspects of life, so it should be a habit you retain throughout your next fit-out or refurbishment project, too.

Plan your Fit-Out/Refurbishment Properly

By this, we mean that everything you want should be accurately planned in the planning stage. That does seem obvious as I write it, but many clients are overly focused on cost-cutting in the planning stages. This leads to them leaving out aspects of their vision to reduce spending, only to later add them back in while work is underway.

When this happens, budgets swell, deadlines stretch and tempers fray. Effective planning of your Fit-Out / Refurbishment is crucial to its success; make sure it’s done right.

Teamwork is Everything

To ensure a project is completed successfully, everyone involved needs to be singing from the same page. By working together, it is much more likely that a project will run smoothly. Contractors, architects, surveyors and engineers: all of these people are experts in their field, trust them. Clients who disregard the advice of the people they’re hiring are often the ones who come unstuck. Only by working together can we bring the client’s vision to life and ensure the project is delivered successfully, on-time and on-budget.

Include Everyone

Make sure you involve everyone that will be affected by this project. That means current employees and other companies you work with on a regular basis. Divisions such as IT and Security should be consulted on all plans, as they themselves will have a lot to set up after the project has completed.

Whether it’s the implementation of a server set-up, the connection of the network or the alarm systems, other people need to be kept in the loop when a Fit-Out or Refurbishment is taking place.

And last but not least…

You may also want to let the neighbours know to expect a little extra noise for the duration of the project!

Do you have an upcoming project? Get in touch with us, we’d love to discuss it with you!

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