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9th June 2020


11:32 am

Here for the Warehousing and Logistics Industries

The COVID19 pandemic has altered our society in ways we never imagined possible. This time last year, the idea of a worldwide lockdown would have sounded like something from Hollywood. This is the situation we have found ourselves in though, and while many industries have been adversely affected, there are some for whom demand has increased; such as those working in logistics and warehousing.

Online shopping has skyrocketed during lockdown. With people’s movements limited, they have been forced to shop online. This has seen a huge increase in the workload and created new hurdles for online retailers, their storage facilities and logistics companies.

This unprecedented demand has increased the need for logistics and warehousing companies to be as efficient as possible. With more items requiring storage and delivery, these companies need to find solutions that will help them keep up with the rising demand of the British population.

Efficient Warehousing Solutions

warehouse storage solutions

Businesses in this sector need to protect themselves and find ways of using of their facilities better, in order to increase the efficiency of their space and operation. Sometimes this can mean expanding in new and additional premises, and sometimes it just means finding innovative solutions.

Worksmart Contracts’ Storage Solutions have been specialising in finding innovated solutions for over a decade. Maximising the efficiency and utilising every available inch of space is crucial. This has never been truer than now, during the COVID19 pandemic.

Mezzanine Floors for Warehouses

We can improve your warehouse spaces by creating mezzanine floor spaces. This will increase the space available by using the height of the facility to create additional floor space. More pallet racking, long bay shelving and mobile storage solutions can increase efficiency. For when there is no available space, we can create external storage solutions. These secure cages will be able to house items which can’t be stored inside.

Worksmart Contracts can fully support the new ways of working. We are here to work alongside out clients and help them return to work in the safest ways possible.

To learn more about our work with warehousing and logistics companies, and the solutions we can offer you, get in touch.

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