Life as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor


Having recently joined the Worksmart team through our Graduate Program, Cameron Maudsley talks to us about life as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor. Cameron has a bright future ahead of him and is a great role model for other young people looking to enter the industry.

How long have you been with Worksmart Contracts and how have you found settling in?

I have been at Worksmart for just under 2 months so far but since my first day I have felt very welcome within the company. After being introduced and working alongside the team, it is obvious that Worksmart Contracts go to serious lengths to provide an enjoyable and positive working environment. This helps to ensure the team are as productive and efficient as possible.

After only 2 months of employment I have been accepted as a valued employee, making the settling in process very enjoyable and straightforward.

Describe your role and the responsibilities you have within Worksmart?

The team have been incredibly eager to push my abilities forward by consistently adding new roles and responsibilities to my job. The tasks I’ve been given the responsibility of dealing with include: attending sites and writing up reports, engaging and building relationships with subcontractors, as well as taking measurements from architect’s drawings.

Is this what you’ve always wanted to do?

During my years throughout high school I always took an interest Mathematics and Physics as they were based on calculations that were applicable to everyday life. However, I had no thoughts as to what career path I wanted to pursue. After carefully researching my options and discovering the Quantity Surveying (BSc) course at Edinburgh Napier University, I was intrigued. The concept that a job could involve problem solving in both an office and on-site appealed to me and encouraged me to apply for the course. Working in the construction field as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor in Worksmart Contracts has enhanced my enthusiasm for the job and reassured me of my decision.

How did your working relationship with Worksmart materialise?

I was given the opportunity to work for Worksmart Contracts through Edinburgh Napier University after my course leader received an email from the Commercial Manager offering an opportunity to interview regarding a Trainee Quantity Surveyor position.

How would you describe Worksmart as a company and how do you feel you have been supported as a graduate?

Worksmart have been very supportive of my career by ensuring that I am always taking on new tasks to expand my knowledge of the field of work. They have invested in me as an individual and are constantly pushing me forward so that I may learn new skills to be the become an experienced Quantity Surveyor at the end of my training.

Do you feel students at university are given enough encouragement and support to move into grad schemes?

For my first few years in university, I was aware that graduate apprenticeship schemes existed but wasn’t aware of how beneficial they could be. My time spent working as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor has expanded my knowledge which has helped me grasp concepts of my course that will help me in my future years of studying.

How do you think Worksmart’s graduate program compares to others that you have read about, spoke to people about etc?

Personally, Worksmart’s graduate program offers a lot more benefits to other programs that I am aware of through course mates, friends and colleagues. This is due to the value I have been given as an employee opposed to being treated like a number in a system which has been the case for multiple friends working graduate apprenticeships within the construction industry.

Where would you like to be in 5 years career wise?

In 5 years’ time I would hope to be a fully Qualified Quantity Surveyor and dealing with my own individual projects within Worksmart.

What’s your best piece of advice for someone in the position you were in 5 years ago?

The advice I’d give to someone in the position I was in 5 years ago would be to encourage them to ensure they choose a career path based on the subjects they enjoy the most. Having a solid foundation in the core subjects involved in a job is key to advancing your career.

When you’re not in the office or on site, what do you like getting up to?

Outside of my job I enjoy playing guitar, mountaineering and travelling.

If you could choose to do any other job in the world, what would it be and why?

If I didn’t have the opportunity to be a Quantity Surveyor and had the option of any job, I would have chosen to be an astronomer due to my interest in physics and space.

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