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Is the Collaborative Office the Future?


25th September 2020


11:12 am

COVID has changed everything. As a species, we’ve had to adapt our behaviour and change the way in which we work. This has resulted in an exodus from the traditional office. Over the past six months, home working has become the norm. But what does the future hold for the office as we know it? And how can the collaborative office space and collaborative working spaces play a role?

What is a Collaborative Office?

Collaborative offices are work spaces in which people from any company can work. No matter the size of your organisation, your employees can make use of these flexible office spaces. They can be used to work or touch base with clients for meetings.

These are very different to the normal office set up, whereby a company will have a permanent office location.

In a collaborative office space, it’s possible for many different companies to be working underneath one roof.

The Rise of Collaborative Coworking Spaces

Collaborative coworking spaces have been on the rise for many years. And the COVID pandemic is only going to accelerate the trend. Many companies were already opting to save on expensive city centre locations, in favour of more economic alternatives.

Allowing staff to work from home and utilise coworking spaces when necessary is a great way for companies to save money. This is especially important for start-ups and SMEs.

As workers start to return to the office, some companies may be considering the need for the traditional office. Many people have reported higher productivity and an increased work/life balance while working from home during the pandemic.

With these discoveries, we will undoubtedly see some businesses ditching their office in favour of a flexible collaborative office space.

Advantages of the Collaborative Working Space

There are several advantages to using a flexible coworking space. These range from the economical side of things, to providing a better work/life balance for staff, to having a city centre location which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

This would allow companies to enjoy the best of the traditional office, while also maintaining the advantages we’ve seen during the work from home trend.

Health will continue to remain a big concern. Collaborative offices should lower the risk of virus transmission compared to a conventional office, as workers will still be operating from home a much of the time.

This would decrease the number of people packed shoulder-to-shoulder on public transport. It will also reduce the numbers of people gathering in one indoor location between 9am and 5pm.

Collaborative Office Fit Out and Refurbishment

So how does this affect those of us in the Fit Out and Refurbishment industry? How will our lives change if collaborative coworking spaces become the norm?

Well, it’s tricky to say, but it’s definitely an exciting prospect. We believe that it will increase innovation and inspire more creativity within our sector.

If the trends continue, we may see stiff competition between providers of collaborative office spaces. These companies will need to keep their clients satisfied with the shared working environment they provide.

This could lead to an increase in refurbishments. There will be a need to come up with innovative designs and other additions in order to stay ahead of the competition.

For us, this is a very exciting prospect as it will open up new challenges.

Do you operate a collaborative working space? How do you see the future panning out? Have you thought about a refurbishment?

We’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch with our Business Development Manager James Harkins, we’d love to discuss.

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