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How is Technology Enhancing Health & Safety in Construction?


12th May 2022


4:21 pm

Moving your health and safety procedures to a digital platform is essential to creating your business’s safety culture and encouraging greater efficiency. More and more construction companies are moving away from paper-based documentation towards apps on tablets and phones. Digital recording allows for real-time reporting, increases efficiency and saves time and costs. The less time that is spent on paperwork allows more time for your employees to focus on implementing the site safety guidance.

At Worksmart Contracts, we utilise a number of digital tools that assist us with monitoring our health and safety procedures on all of our sites. These include Site Audit Pro and the CITB website which allow us to check the credentials of our site operatives and carry out audits and inspections quicker and more efficiently. Site Audit Pro, in particular, allows us to generate reports instantly that are unique to our business and add notes to site images highlighting key aspects, all of which can be accessed from numerous devices remotely eg by tablet or phone. The tool allows us to utilise AI (Artificial Intelligence) to spot trends and identify potential issues, all of which help us work to strict deadlines and complete projects to the highest possible standards for our clients.

In recent years employee health and wellbeing in the workplace has become a major focus for companies as a result of the pandemic and the construction industry is no exception. Its important that we monitor how many individuals are on our sites at any given time to ensure that everyone is accounted for. We have introduced biometric clock in and clock out stations at all of our major sites which tells us who was on site and at what time. As an extra precaution, we still require all site personnel to carry out temperature checks using electronic thermometers before entering any of our sites. The spread of infections and illnesses on site can affect the health of our staff and can cause significant delays therefore it is imperative that we identify those who may be unwell early on.

Educating employees is another essential part of maintaining a high level of health and safety in the workplace. We ask that our employees complete a number of virtual training modules to ensure that they are up to date on all best practices when working on site. Worksmart Contracts have found that the best way of educating our employees is virtually through online training courses. This allows us to track progress and identifies any further training requirements automatically. Additionally, its not always possible for our team to travel to head office therefore virtual training is ideal for being carried out remotely from site or home.

As we continue to strive towards a safer construction industry, technology will continue to play a pivotal role in improving site health and safety. Worksmart Contracts are consistently striving for a safer working environment for our employees and clients and review targets regularly. We will continue to utilise various virtual tools to enhance health and safety on all of our sites to achieve the desired outcomes for our customers.

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