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Worksmart Contracts Business Development Manager Jim Harkins

How has COVID Affected the Fit-Out & Refurbishment Sector


25th August 2020


11:24 am

As you can probably imagine, being the Business Development Manager for a leading contractor in the construction and refurbishment industry has been very challenging this year.

Just as many other sectors have felt the force of the COVID-19 pandemic, the refurbishment sector has been majorly impacted and ceased operations during the shutdown.

However, we did have essential teams out on projects for the NHS.

Worksmart Contracts Essential Work for NHS at Hairmyres Hospital
Worksmart carried out essential works for the NHS over lockdown

Thankfully, we’re back to work now, and delighted to be finishing off some fantastic projects which were delayed due to the pandemic.

But have things changed for the Refurbishment Sector?

In my opinion, yes.

Things have changed in the way projects are being approached and managed.

The biggest shift we have already started to see is the move from the office to the virtual office. Home working has exploded since the coronavirus hit. Businesses have adapted and are now recognising that this is the future.

While the office as we know it will never fully disappear, we may see a huge increase in satellite office spaces. I expect these shared office spaces to become more and more common in city centres across the UK.

They will give companies the opportunity to rent an office space on a pay-as-you-go basis. As people get back to face-to-face meetings, many will happen in these environments.

Flexibility has already become a big thing. Working hours are becoming less and less defined as people work from home. Productivity is trumping the number of hours worked. Companies will be looking at results, rather than for someone to sit behind their desk for 8 hours every day.

This will make the use of flexible offices more attractive, not just for client meetings, but when people want to get in a few hours of work but need to get out of the house.

How does this affect Worksmart?

Good question.

I believe we’ll see more of an uptake in projects on shared office spaces. Owners of these commercial property developments will be in competition with one another, looking to attract short term & flexible agreements with businesses.

This will lead to huge demand for refurbishments and an increase in innovation. Why would I rent out an office space if I can rent one down the road that looks much better? Which one would impress my clients more?

This is the crux of the matter, and we’ll see office buildings carrying out refurbishments more often than we currently do.

Adapting to Changing Circumstances

Glenfield Office Refurbishment by Worksmart Contracts with COVID signage
New COVID-19 signage on site at Glenfield

As always, Worksmart Contracts remains flexible and willing to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances we now face ourselves in. The pandemic has changed everything. We can either work with it or cling to old practices which are no longer relevant.

Whether it’s bringing through new apprentices or innovating with design, Worksmart Contracts remains a leading refurbishment and fit-out contractor in Scotland.

With our offices in Kilmarnock, Glasgow, Edinburgh and satellite office London, we can serve the whole of the UK and take on any project, no matter the size or scope.

Contact me to discuss refurbishments, upcoming projects, how Worksmart can work with your company or anything else you have an idea about.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07494 680 597


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