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16th June 2021


4:00 pm

If you want to do your best work, you really do need to have the best surroundings. Your workplace should be somewhere that your employees and clients should look forward to coming to and the interior impacts that in a big way. Are you feeling uninspired with your office interior? Our fit-out services in Glasgow will give your workplace a much-needed makeover. Office design has evolved from maximizing space to modern themes that boost productivity.

There are a number of changes that our fit-out services in Glasgow can make to your office that will transform it into a more productive and enjoyable space. Here are five changes you should consider when you begin the process of having a fit-out. Whether you’re a new or an established company, these small changes can make a huge impact on your workspace.

Change the Lighting

Lighting is probably the last thing in your mind when thinking about office redesign, but optimizing it goes a long way towards better productivity. While it’s often overlooked, lighting makes a big difference. It’s most especially noticed when you opt for the wrong lighting. For example, you know that you need to replace lighting if your employees are constantly complaining about eye strain, fatigue, headaches and the like. This only means that there’s not enough illumination.

Our fit-out services in Glasgow will help you to create a space that is optimally lit for both aesthetics and performance.

Allow for Greater Flexibility

Having an employee tied to a single desk is no longer acceptable, especially in today’s ever-changing roles in the workplace. The focus lies in creating office spaces where tasks can be achieved to their highest standard. For some tasks, a plain desk simply won’t do. Our fit-Out Services in Glasgow can make it so that employees can make adjustments to their space depending on the work they need to be done for the day.

An open-plan office can provide easy access to co-workers, with a dedicated private space for business calls and tasks that require focus and concentration. For brainstorming, you can dedicate a corner and set it with a whiteboard for collaboration and visualization.

Comfort and Ergonomics

All the furniture and layout should be optimized for ergonomics and comfort. Standing desks and comfortable office chairs should be your starting point when redesigning an office. This is something that we can advise on.

Numerous studies have shown that sitting for too long can be detrimental to one’s health. Companies are starting to realize the importance of standing up to take a break every now and then, which means space should be allocated for these types of activities.

Declutter with Storage Solutions

Productivity, whether it be in the home or office, is derailed when there’s too much clutter. Part of your office redesign should include storage solutions so clutter can be organized. Desks piled up with paperwork is not conducive for productivity. Filing cabinets, shelves and similar articles should be added nearby so workers can work better on a cleaner, clutter-free desk.

Solving the clutter problem not only leads to higher productivity but efficiency as well.


Organic design is a must when it comes to improving your office. To this end plants are a welcome change as they clean the air and are good for improving employee mood and well-being.

Pick plants that are hardy and can survive low-light conditions. You should also strategically place them near windows so they can survive and continue to clear the air and provide eye candy for your employees. It also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your office space! We’re working towards a more environmentally friendly future. So, this will be a fantastic look for your business. Especially when clients come to visit.

Don’t Forget the Break Room

Break rooms shouldn’t be an afterthought. It’s a space where your employees can spend their breaks relaxing and chatting with fellow colleagues. Studies show that breaks allow employees to restore their focus, concentration and motivation, as well as allow them to be more productive.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on these benefits, so consider enhancing your breakroom also.

So, if you’re looking to get these benefits and more, our fit-out services in Glasgow are something that you should definitely consider. Get in contact if you’d like to hear more.

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