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The FIS – Improving the Interiors Sector


8th September 2017


3:15 pm

One of our partners who we often engage with on social media is the FIS, or the Finishes and Interiors Sector to give them their full title. They are a leading body in the interiors sector, who host regular events and awards design to promote fit-outs and refurbishments to the wider public. Our marketing apprentice Kieran Johnstone sat down with Amanda Scott of the FIS to discuss their organisation.

KJ: Hi Amanda, how did you become interested in the world of interior fit-out?

AS: I have been part of several theatre trust over the years, and was always fascinated by the beautiful ornate plastering found in this kind of buildings. I found it to be a striking effect that few other facilities could ever show. This interest in the aesthetic design of interiors then lead onto the technical side of how this work is carried out. This mentality is one of the main driving forces behind the FIS, as we want to encourage more people to appreciate what helps create the beautiful spaces they see and hopefully want to be part of this creation.

KJ: For those who may be unaware, can you explain what the FIS is?

AS: The FIS are a leading organisation who represent several companies in the world of interior fit-out and refurbishment. We deal with all manner of project types, including work on glazed partitioning and manifestation, small refurbishments and large multi-trade fit outs. We will work to improve skills within this sector as well as provide advice and support to members of the FIS. Membership can be applied for by any company who works on interior projects. Another key part of our operations are our annual awards, which are held in both Scotland and England. This is designed to promote the key players within our industry, and give recognition to the stunning work they complete.

KJ: How do you feel women can become a larger part of the interiors sector?

AS: We are currently in the process of launching a new campaign called Women in Fit-Out, which is a campaign to encourage more women to enter the interior sector in a tradesperson role. This campaign should hopefully mean that there will be more women interested in working in the technical aspect of the fit-out process, as opposed to office based roles like it has been in years gone by. Women in Fit-Out will be launched in September, and more can be found out by visiting us on Twitter at @WomenInFit_Out.

KJ: Finally, what are some of your favourite interior projects Worksmart have completed?

AS: One of favourite projects of yours is the fit-out work at Scotland House you completed recently. In particular, I am a huge fan of the glazed partitioning that was installed throughout this project, as it gives a bold, modern look that complements the other aspects of this multi-trade interior fit-out. Another project I am fond of is your FIS Judges Award-refurbishment work at the Ayr Gaiety. With my background in theatre trusts, this significant refurbishment has created a beautiful end result, with stunning ornate plastering really helping to bring this once tired building back to its former glory.

In conclusion, the FIS is very important to us here at Worksmart. From the vast number of clients it attracts to our services to the vast amount of creditability it gives us in the construction sector. Worksmart hopes that the strong working relationship with the FIS and its members continues for a long time.

We are also now delighted to announce that our Managing Director, Steve Neilson, is one of the members of the FIS iBuiltThis 2017 Judging Panel. This is a new initiative designed to encourage the next generation to enter the world of interiors. With various categories aimed at different age groups, such as a Lego build contest for those aged 13 and under. This should help to continue to strengthen the interiors sector throughout the UK, and mean that fit-out and refurbishment companies will continue to grow.

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