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Everything you need to know about Worksmart Fire Door Inspection


31st October 2018


10:40 am

– Hi Mark, you’re heading up the new Worksmart Fire Door Inspection division, could you tell me a bit about it and how it came to be?

Worksmart Contracts have been installing fire doors and screens as integral elements of their glazed partitioning and multi trade fit-outs for many years and the new Fire Door Inspection service has grown out of the drive to be experts in everything we do. Worksmart Fire Door Inspection does exactly what it says on the tin – we inspect fire doors, using an approved 90 point checklist, to evaluate whether they are compliant with the regulations and fit for purpose. We create a report for our customer that identifies any failings and they can then take the necessary remedial action.

– How long in the making has Worksmart Fire Door Inspection been?

We have been working behind the scenes for about 8 months, researching, undertaking training and accreditation, speaking to trade associations and developing our website and service offer before launching earlier this month.

– What makes Worksmart FDI different to its competitors?

We are the only company in Scotland accredited by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) – the first scheme of its kind in Europe – and are supported by installation expertise, in the form of Worksmart Contracts, as well as our fire door manufacturing partners. So we can offer a complete package – installation, inspection, maintenance and repair.

– What’s your role within Worksmart FDI?

I am the manager of the Fire Door Inspection Service, which, so far, has entailed the research, training and accreditation previously mentioned as well as helping with the development of our website and fire door inspection app. Going forward, my role will involve operational planning, customer service and day to day management.

– How do you see Worksmart FDI developing over the next 5 years?

Given the current focus on fire safety, there is already potential for demand to outstrip our capacity and we have already started training additional fire door inspectors so that we are in a good position to meet that demand. By developing strong relationships with our customers and other members of the fire safety community we are aiming to be the first choice for fire door inspections in Scotland!

View the new FDIS website here – Worksmart Fire Door Inspection

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