Protective Mesh Barrier System

Euromezzguard is an integrated barrier system designed to be used around mezzanine floors.

The system incorporates a double or single side impact bar which is designed to withstand an impact side load of 0.74KN/m for industrial use in accordance with BS6399. The system is quick and easy to construct therefore reduc­ing installation time and costs.

Euromezzguard is constructed  using an angle support frame and  additionally restrained by 80×40

RHS mullion posts. The system is  simply bolted to the mezzanine floor or edge beam which means that it is robust and durable but has the added benefit of being demount­able for re-location when storage systems change.

Euromezzguard is available in various vertical configurations – all mesh, solid/mesh, solid/glass/solid and all solid.  For mezzanine hand rail refer to Eurobarrier M.

  • Robust & durable construction
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Side impact bar double or single
  • Integral kick board (if required)
  • Concrete slab or mezzanine fixing options
  • Demountable
  • Flexible formats – all mesh, solid/mesh, solid/glass/solid, all solid Powder coated or galvanised