Kross Glaze 600 Design Guide

Kross Glaze

Kross Glaze 600 is a design response to the recent trend of industrial style glazing, which has become increasingly popular within residential and commercial interiors.

Think Partitioning, think Komfort.

This is Komfort’s solution to replicate the look of traditional steel-framed doors and screens that were first developed in the late 19th century and later became closely associated with the Art-Deco and modernist architectural movements.

Available with options for single and double glazing, this 54mm framed glazing system not only includes screens, but has a unique 54mm rebated door designed to accommodate the same glazing chairs and beads.

  • Single or double glazing
  • Single or double doorsets
  • 600 screens are constructed to a maximum height of 3000mm.
  • Pane heights – 3, 4 or 5
  • Handle options