Double Skin Partition System

Europa 2 Premier is an integrated double skin steel partition system where a smooth internal and external finish, with minimal joints, is required.

Think Partitioning, think Komfort.

The system is suitable for a wide range of applications including security areas, offices, storage areas, factory dividing walls and locations in clean rooms, food or chemical production areas. The system is quick and easy to construct
and comes standard with high performance single or double door sets.

The panels sit directly into a floor channel, with an option of laminate skirting, and lock into adja¬≠cent panels by means of an internal locking channel making installation fast, simple and secure. Europa 2 Premier’s standard range comes in a wide variety of width options. However standard configurations do not always fit into required spaces, therefore the non-standard or bespoke design is always an option. Europa 2 Premier is also available in various vertical configurations – all solid, solid/glass/solid or flush double glazed.

  • Panel infill – high density Rockwool core
  • Smooth, flush, single line joint
  • High performance door sets
  • Demountable & relocatable
  • Pre made head & base corner channels
  • Flexible formats
  • Ceiling solutions
  • Manufacturered from Zintec Steel
  • Powder coated
  • Robust & durable
  • Quick & easy construction
  • Wide range of applications