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COVID Office Refurbishment: The Essentials


6th July 2020


12:41 pm

The world has changed radically over the last few months. COVID-19 has impacted every single one of us and the way we live our lives. It has forced us to completely rethink how we act in the world, how we interact with other people, what we can touch and where we can go. Once lockdown ends and businesses return to work, the impact of COVID-19 on offices is going to be huge. Special COVID-19 office refurbishments are a necessity, and here are some of the most essential Covid office refurbishment measures that will come into play to combat coronavirus.

Protective Partitions

office partition covid protective screen

Protective screens and glazed partitions are going to become the norm in society. The use of protective partitioning to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is going to be seen across all industry sectors, and your office is no different. Offices can use protective screens between the desks of employees, in waiting rooms, meeting rooms, reception and other communal areas.

Glazed partitions can seamlessly fit into an office space, looking great while also protecting the health of the people in the room. Worksmart Contracts works with Komfort, one of the most renowned manufacturers of glazed partitions in the world. They offer a wide variety of protective partitions. They can even be coated with an anti-microbial layer to provide even better protection.

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Hand Sanitiser has become an essential item for many people since the pandemic began. So much so that we saw major shortages of the bacteria-fighting gel around the world. Supply has caught up though and hand-san is readily available again. We’ve seen hand sanitisation stations already in use in many places, including all major supermarkets.

These stations allow people to wash their hands and gives them more confidence to shop, work, eat and generally go about their day. Offices will be no different. Regular hand-washing is going to be required, not only to prevent the spread of the virus, but to ease people’s minds and allow them to focus on their work.

COVID Office Refurbishment will need to allocate space for at least one area for hand sanitisation in every office. When placed in strategic areas, such as the entrances, exits and thoroughfares, it will increase their use and encourage the practice.

Socially Distanced Workspaces

For months we’ve been learning how to social distance from one another in order to prevent the spread of COVID. The term social distancing – previously unheard of – has become a mainstay of our vocabulary. And this isn’t going to change when you return to the office.

office partition covid protective screen

Your new office layout is going to see you sat 2m apart from your colleagues. Desks will be adequately spaced and laid out so as to limit face to face contact too. Again, by adopting these measures it will increase morale and help to relieve any concerns people might have about returning to work, as well as preventing transmission of the virus.

Informative COVID Signage

arrows on floor one way system social distancing

COVID signage is going to be really important in our offices and across wider society. One-way systems are likely to be in place in many offices, signage will help direct people in the right direction. All wash stations and hand sanitiser stations will be signposted and there will be general reminders about social distancing and other measures.

Worksmart Contracts has been fitting floor signage across offices for its clients to help with their post-COVID return to work.

Financing for COVID Office Refurbishments

With the current economic climate as it, we understand that the idea of an office refurbishment might not sound too appealing. It’s going to be necessary though. Luckily, we have some great finance options available for your next office refurbishment. This will allow you to incorporate all of the requisite measures and protocols to protect your office staff.

Do you have any questions about your COVID office refurbishment or financing it? Our Business Development Manager James Harkins would love to speak to you.

Contact Jim on: [email protected]


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