A Coffee and a Chat with… Brian Henderson, Contracts Manager

The team here at Worksmart is always expanding, and we have taken on several members of staff in recent months. Our most recent addition is Brian Henderson, who recently sat down with Kieran to talk about his role in the company.

KJ: Hi Brian, how have you enjoyed your time at Worksmart so far?

BH: I have thoroughly enjoyed my first couple of months here, having already been Contract Manager on several fit-out and refurbishment projects. This has taken me the length of breadth of the country, from Livingston to Manchester.

KJ: What does your position at Worksmart involve?

BH: This requires me to lead projects we are carrying out, which can involve a variety of services. I will be charged with ensuring that each project has enough materials and labour to be carried out effectively. For example, I am currently the Contract Manager of two office refurbishments in Glasgow, which both happen to be next door to each other.

KJ: What does a typical day look like for you?

BH: Due to the immense variety of this position, there is rarely a typical day. I could be in the office preparing job files and ordering materials, or out on various sites throughout the UK. Due to the variety of fit-out and refurbishment projects I manage, it is important to have strong relationships with suppliers. In addition to this, I aim to ensure that I have a good relationships with my clients.

KJ: You were originally a joiner, who then retrained to become a project manager. What benefits do you think this has brought?

BH: Due to having on-site experience, I feel I therefore have a greater understanding of what makes an excellent fit-out or refurbishment. Having worked with several of the materials being used on these projects, I can therefore help to ensure that all works are completed to the highest standards. I also feels it allows me to better manage my team, due to having experience of how long each part of a fit-out or refurbishment can take. A knowledge and understanding of other trades, as well as strong working relationship, has allowed me to work effectively with various sub-contractors.

KJ: Outside of Worksmart, what do you like to do with your free-time?

BH: I enjoy going walking as often as I possibly can, which helps to clear my mind after a long day at work. Also, I love going out for meals with my family at the weekend, as well as visiting the cinema whenever I can. I particularly enjoy spending time with my kids.