Steel and Mesh Partitions Glasgow

Do you want your workers to work independently and productively? The right office partition is essential for achieving this in your business. There are a variety of options available. For example, some business owners prefer a solid steel screen. Meanwhile, others benefit from using steel and mesh partitions. Installing steel and mesh partitions in Glasgow comes with a number of benefits. However, you’ll only get these benefits if you opt for the right team. Here’s why you should opt for steel and mesh partitions in Glasgow.

1. Greater visibility

So, why should you give it a try? Well, steel and mesh partitions in Glasgow offer greater visibility throughout the workspace. The ease of visibility will improve the efficiency of workflow, supervision, and increased productivity at work. Employees can interact and consult freely within the departments that are relating or collaborating. Additionally, the visibility of all parts of an office or warehouse is a crucial security feature. This is because the supervising officer can monitor all activities easily.

2. They are durable

When you’re investing in any part of your business, the main goal is to invest in things that last longer. Steel and mesh partitioning offer the most durable partitioning options in Glasgow. The metal appears strong. Once you use it as a partitioning material, it doesn’t wear off quickly. You don’t require a lot of maintenance procedures in maintaining the steel metal. Most other materials start degrading after cleaning them with certain acidic cleaners, so you’ll need many maintenance services. Steel’s resistance to corrosion property makes it very durable in most business or warehouse settings.

3. The partitioning method is environmentally friendly

When choosing a partitioning option, steel and mesh partitioning is a suitable option when you are worried about the environment. Steel metal is environmentally friendly because the metal is 100 percent recyclable. After a particular partitioning period, the manufacturing industry can melt it and form a new steel partitioning product. During the recycling process, the metal retains its properties, such as durability and stain resistance. Lastly, the environmental property combined with its ability to be sterile makes it the best partitioning option for any health care setup.

4. Lower installation and maintenance cost

The installation and maintenance cost of a partitioning project is essential when determining the partitioning for your business. Most business owners will prefer the affordable option. Steel and mesh partitioning offers a cheaper office partitioning option. After the installation, most other methods require top-notch maintenance due to their faster degrading property. With the impressive resistance to most of the conditions, including weather and force, you don’t need to worry about the cost of seeking replacement after every short duration. Thus, it provides for the best partitioning method you can get at a lower installation and maintenance cost.


Before choosing the ideal office partitioning option, it’s good to consider one that will increase productivity and performance at your Office. It’ll be great to select steel and mesh partitions in Glasgow as it has various benefits. The partitioning option provides durability, lower installation & maintenance cost, and a greater visibility partitioning option to your business departments or offices.

Glazed Partitioning Fitting Glasgow

Every employee wants to work in a modern, comfortable office. We offer a number of services that can help you to achieve this. Our glazed partitioning fitting in Glasgow is one such service that greatly enhances your workplace. Glass partitions are undoubtedly modern and a good way to design your office for maximum productivity and efficiency.

It’s not all about design, though. Here are 5 reasons why you should have them installed during your next fit-out.

Helps Lower Noise Levels

Glass partitions can come in glazed or clear but what most people don’t know is that they act as efficient barriers when it comes to noise.

To get the most of your fittings it’s recommended that you get glazed partitioning fitting in Glasgow, as it reduces noise pollution and helps with your employees’ concentration. Add in some soundproofing and you have a relatively quiet workspace even during its busiest hours.

Allows Natural Light to Pass-Through

Every office should have sufficient light during working hours. It’s best to have natural light as it can lessen eye strain and allow your employees to become more productive while keeping headaches at bay. Glass is the preferred choice as it allows light to pass through. The illusion it brings is an open and bright space, which is better than a cramped and tight area. If possible, you can design your office to let in as much natural light as possible to reduce stress levels and have your employees get much-needed vitamin D.

One more benefit of natural light is that it can lessen sick days and improve employee well-being, something that other partition materials can’t offer.

Save on Energy Costs

With our glazed partitioning fitting in Glasgow, you can achieve a brighter workspace without spending too much on lighting solutions. Glass is an excellent material for allowing light to pass through. Aside from natural light sources, you can supplement with energy-efficient solutions so your office stays brightly lit at all times.

When you choose glass as your partition you won’t have to spend as much on artificial light, and less wattage equals a lower energy bill every month.

Can Be Installed Easily

Glass office partitions are popular because it’s easy to set them up and are customizable enough that you can get them in the design and dimensions you want. This simple yet effective partitioning solution really shines in instances where you need to have them disassembled or re-assembled somewhere else. In this case, structural modifications will be minimal and there’s less disruption in your day to day affairs.

Unbeatable Aesthetic and Design

Last but not least, glass partitions are great for style and making a good first impression. This is important if you have a constant stream of customers or clients. A bright, clean and modern workspace is appealing not just for clients but for future employees alike. You can design them to your liking and have a range of options, including full or half frame, single to triple glazing and frameless or steel framed solutions. You can even have a custom made design and create a truly unique workspace you can call your own.

There are many reasons to invest in a glass partition for your office. The good news is that there are many design options available for those who want to refresh their workspaces. If you’re interested in a glazed partitioning fitting in Glasgow, make sure to get in contact

Social Distancing Partitions for Businesses – COVID-19

office partition covid protective screen

Protective Partitions for Social Distancing

The cogs of the economy are beginning to turn again and businesses are finally returning to work after the COVID-19 lockdown. Before you return though, you need to ensure your workplace is safe for staff, clients and customers. Worksmart are delighted to be able to provide Komfort’s brand new Protekt range of COVID-19 social distancing partitions and social distancing screens. This new range will aid social distancing in the workplace and help prevent the spread of the virus.

Protective screens are going to be vital throughout our society in the coming years. Protective partitioning is going to allow us to return to normal and live our lives again. You are going to be seeing them in every type of business, from hairdressers to restaurants and schools.

social distancing partition restaurant
Social Distancing Partitions for Cafes and Restaurants

Protective glass screens will help prevent the spread of germs from one person to another. The reason we had to go into lockdown was because the transmission rate of the virus was dangerously high. Keeping that rate low is key to allowing our society to function again. Glazed partitions are going to be a big part of our ongoing fight against COVID-19 and against a second wave of this coronavirus.

Social Distancing Partitions

social distance partition bar
Social Distancing Partitions for Restaurants and Bars

Working with Komfort Partitions, we can provide your business with a protective shield against COVID. This will help you bounce back from the pandemic and future-proof you in the long term. These specially designed partition systems can be used in many different settings, can be customised in terms of size, shape and colour, and can even come with anti-bacterial panels.

Glazed partitions will allow people to work as normal without being fearful of the virus. It will allow shoppers to shop in confidence, diners to enjoy each other’s company and allow children and other students to return to their classrooms. It will help the millions of people out there in desperate need of a haircut!

Social Distancing Partitions in Restaurants, Hairdressers and Offices

protective covid partition school classroom
Social Distancing Partitions for Schools

Social distancing office partitions can be put up between workers’ desks so they can work in peace. Protective screens can be put up between drinkers at a bar, or people in cafes. COVID partitions for restaurants can be seamlessly integrated into a space, allowing people to enjoy the hospitality sector once more.

These protective COVID screens won’t need to be intrusive either. For example, a waiter at a restaurant will still be able to clearly see customers requiring attention. Staff in waiting rooms will still be able to see everyone waiting. Students won’t be able to hide from their teacher either. Glazed partitions are easy to clean, meaning disinfecting them regularly won’t be a problem.

Lockdown has been challenging for everyone. Now it’s time to get back to work, restart the economy and return to normality. We shouldn’t be reckless though, and need to remain alert to the risks of the virus. That’s why it’s so important to take measures, like protective social distancing partitions, to prevent a second wave of COVID-19.

Finance Offers for COVID-19 Partitions

hairdresser partition covid protective screen
Social Distancing Partitions for Hairdressers

Some good news for businesses on the matter is that there are Capital Allowances available on these screens. Spending on Glazed screens will also ensure longevity compared to thinner, less stable Perspex versions. We are partnered with Cavetta Consulting, who can advise on capital allowances for the refurbishment of buildings, including the installation of protective Glazed Partitions.

There are also leasing options available to assist you in the financing of social distancing partitions. We regularly work with Bluestone Leasing, and can put you in touch with their expert team.

Whatever your social distancing partition requirements, our experts are able to create your ideal solution and future-proof your working environment with Komfort Protekt.

If you’d like to leave an enquiry about COVID-19 Protective Partitions, click here.

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The Year Ahead with Covid-19 – Getting Back to Work After Coronavirus

Kross Glaze

How Can We All Get Back to Work After Coronavirus?

At the time of writing, we are in the sixth week of a seven-week lockdown, imposed by the Scottish and UK Government to help prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Despite many companies adapting and working from home, the question which needs to be on everyone’s mind is what happens when we go back to the office after the COVID-19 lockdown is over? Is it even possible for things to return to normal and to work after coronavirus?

We’ve spent the last few weeks asking ourselves this very question. We’ve been challenging ourselves to find solutions that will maximise the health and well-being over our 47 staff working over two offices and a collaborative workspace. Going back to basics, we looked at our principles and asked how we can do things in a safe and cost-effective manner.

We want to share with you some things which we consider to be essential on the journey of returning our teams to their offices. These measures will be crucial in getting the country back on its feet in a controlled and strategic manner.

On 23 April, the First Minister of Scotland released an initial draft of a document that she says is the beginning of the conversation to ease the lockdown get the country back to work. She stressed that there will need to be a “new normal” and it is this new normal which Worksmart will help to create within our places of work and learning.

The most important thing throughout all of this is the well-being of employees, clients and by extension the general population. When it’s safe to do so, we will return to work. When we do so, certain measures will be put in place to help suppress the virus. This will ensure safe and healthy re-integration into the workplace and a steady transformation to a new normal.

Our Staff are the most important factor in our business and we need to ensure they are as safe as they can be. Not only that, they need to feel safe, valued and confident in their working area. This goes for people in every market sector. We need to empower the workforce, making them feel comfortable while they work in order to allow them to work efficiently; in spite of these challenging times.

Well-Spaced Offices

Fewer people in the office will become the norm

After the COVID lockdown, it will remain essential to keep social distancing measures in place for some time. This won’t be limited to the streets; it will also play an important role in the office and workplace in all market sectors.

Post-COVID, our architects and designers will strive to use available space in such a way that employees are given their own space, a healthy distance from other people. This will be very important, with people sitting at their office desks for up to 8 hours of the day.

Workspaces will need to be assessed. When they don’t comply with the 2 metre distancing rules, they will need to be removed or highlighted as a non-working workstation. Meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms etc will also need to have chairs removed to facilitate social distancing.

More uptake and participation in video and conference calls will follow on from our home working boom. The advantage here is that people will feel far more comfortable using the technology now that it has become part of their everyday working lives.

By keeping people a safe distance apart, we can mitigate the spread of the virus and lower the chance of another spike in the curve.

Glazed Office Partitions and De-Cluttering

Partitions will help limit face-to-face contact in the office

In addition to spacing, removing boxes, excess files, storage and general accumulations should be carried out to create further circulation space. We have agreed to implement a degree of glazed screening to main thorough routes in some of the general open plan office areas. This will help with general screening for airborne issues and also will assist in acoustics.

There will be less person-to-person interaction and more video and conference calls within our own internal teams too. The Glass panels will also assist in reduction of sound transfer with the increased video calls. The introduction of headsets to reduce number of voices speaking will also be needed. In addition, fully glazed offices can be created quickly and effectively to provide increased confidentiality and controlled working environments.

More open areas can be created for general collaboration and for rest and well-being. All of which will help our teams relax in these new challenging conditions and ease us into a comfortable way of working in our new environments.

Design & Workstations Adapted for Coronavirus

In addition to de-densifying workstations to create the required distancing, desk mounted screens in a full variety of permutations can be easily added with sound absorption panels and acrylic clear screens above to give added screen protection. This will help with sound attenuation that will become a concern with the increased number of video and conference calls.

Staff well-being should always be the number one priority for an employer and we should be considering sit-stand desks to promote a healthier work space. This is important when thinking about returning to work after coronavirus, but will also have knock-on effects in other areas of health and well-being in the workplace.

Air Filtration Systems to Help Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Ensuring fresh, clean air is being brought into our workplaces is going to be top priority after this crisis when it comes to allowing staff back to work after coronavirus. We work with the leading manufacturers to ensure all air filtration systems we install on refurbishment and fit-out projects meet the highest health and safety standards. The current position of air filter systems in offices may need to be altered to assist in more effective air-flow.

Staggered Working Patterns after COVID-19

A great way to ease people back into the shared workplace is by utilising staggered shifts. Alternating staff either one separate days or different working hours, will help to keep workplaces less crowded. This could mean someone working half of their hours at home, and half in the office. This type of system would be especially useful for businesses working from a small office.

Some companies already use flexi-hours which reduces the actual volume of people within a working environment at peak time such as early morning and late afternoon. The future of the workplace could see the widespread use of such systems.

This should also be extended to people’s lunch breaks. Having everyone take lunch at the same time will lead to many people in the same place at the same time: something we should all try to avoid for a while until there is a vaccine or treatment. Unless we adopt these methods of staff shifts, it will be very difficult to return to normal work after coronavirus

Dedicated Hand Washing Areas

Hand-san has really come to the fore in the last couple of months, with many people now carrying portable bottles of alcohol-based anti-bacterial hand sanitizer whenever they leave the house. Frequent hand washing is going to be incredibly important in the post-COVID world and we predict many offices will be designed with dedicated areas in each office space for sanitisation.

This could involve extra sinks being installed or simply areas where bottled hand-sanitizer dispensers are readily available for everyone to use.  Encouraging staff to remain vigilant and wash their hands on a regular basis will help prevent the spread within the workplace.

Welfare, Rest and Toilets

Increased cleaning regimes are required to be followed by staff and other people entering the office environment. Ensuring we wash accordingly and use the added cleaning sanitising products in these areas is crucial. We must also use sealed bins to help everyone keep germs under control and have a cleaner and safer workspace.

Everything in the office should be taken into account when it comes to cleaning. This will include light switches, sockets, door handles and all commonly touched surfaces. These will need regular cleaning. This can be supported and positively promoted using the right signage in the required areas.

No Sharing

We’re sorry if this comes across as a bit rude, but it’s going to be necessary. Once everyone is back to work, we’ll be encouraging people to bring their own cutlery, bottles, mugs etc to use at work. This lack of sharing should also extend to things such as keyboards, mice, pens, phone chargers, cables etc.

Workplace Disinfecting

Upon completion of a project, whether that be an office refurbishment, building upgrade or fit-out, everything should be completely disinfected with bac50 sanitising solution or similar. These products disinfect all surfaces to kill all bacteria and germs including COVID-19. This will allow teams to return to a fully hygienic and safe working environment.

HSE and Approved areas of Works

It has already been confirmed by the HSE that their system for RIDDOR is taking a significant interest and role in assessing if working environments are fit for working. They will want to ensure that all the risk assessment, method statements and ways of working have been assessed, planned and communicated to the team. They will be holding everyone accountable for their working environments to ensure people are safe. They are taking COVID-19 seriously, as we all are.

New Normal

While we don’t know for sure how long this process of re-integration will take, we can assure you that we will be following the science and advice given by the government and health authorities to ensure our clients and our own staff are as safe as possible when they return to work after coronavirus.

We have taken the time to scrutinise how we can make the working environment safer for our teams. We hope that this will help you in looking at ways of getting your own teams back to work. We are here to support and advise on how you can make the changes to your workplace interiors and office spaces through fast-track office refurbishments.

This is a real opportunity for businesses to look at how they could and should be working moving forward. This is the chance to really cement their teams within their business, regardless of market sector. Having the right working environment: one which is modern, flexible, efficient and safe, makes us all comfortable and encourages a better level of work.

For very little cost, a significant improvement can be made which will be to everyone’s benefit. The measures outlined above will allow us to return to work after coronavirus and ensure the safety of staff.

We are certainly doing it and will be sharing more across our blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We are here to help.