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Is Clean Air the Key to the Return to Office?

Office Space after refurbishment

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to examine aspects of our lives that we previously wouldn’t have given much notice to. We are much more in tune with our health and the effect of bacteria, viruses and other contagions. Post-pandemic, is office air filtration the key to a more sanitary and productive office?

It seems hard to believe now, but pre-pandemic it was the norm for people to go to work despite suffering from cold or flu.

This type of behaviour is now simply unimaginable, with everyone much more conscious of sanitary measures.

There’s one technology that has been greatly overlooked in office buildings that could play a major role in our post-pandemic recovery. Not only that, but it could also improve people’s moods and boost workplace productivity.

Air Quality in the Office

The cleanliness of the air we breathe in our office buildings, restaurants, schools, and any other place where people gather is going to be a major factor in years to come.

The quality of the indoor air we breathe determines the levels of contaminants being passed from person to person in a room.

This can include COVID-19, but also common colds and other airborne viruses. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems scrub the air. This process filters out the viruses and other contaminants at a molecular level.

What remains is clean, fresh air that can be pumped around buildings, offices, supermarkets, classrooms and more.

What might be even more interesting to business owners and office workers are the other benefits of clean air.

When we inhale oxygen, we exhale carbon dioxide. This CO2 can’t be used by our body the way we use oxygen. So the more CO2 in a room, the less oxygen we are breathing.

Raefer Wallis is a leading global expert on creating ‘healthier’ buildings. Talking to the BBC, he said: “Imagine three people sitting in a mid-sized conference room,” says Mr Wallis. “[Without proper ventilation] it can take 45 minutes for CO2 to reach a level whereby the brain starts to be impaired.

This can decrease productivity, cause headaches, negatively impact our mood and make us more susceptible to health problems.

With HVAC systems, all of the air in a building will be replaced every 20-30 minutes. This constant stream of fresh air will leave those inhaling it feeling better all-round.

HVAC & HEPA Office Air Filtration Systems

Worksmart Contracts is committed to the overall improvement of air quality within offices and workspaces.

Systems like these are going to be crucial for everyone to return to the office and maintain a healthy environment. Not only that, but staff will be more confident to return to the office knowing that they are breathing in clean air all day long.

We can supply air filtration systems to ensure clean air is circulating around your office all day long. This will have many positive benefits on your staff and your business.

These measures will also be crucial when it comes to returning workers to the office after the pandemic.

Whether you need a full office refurbishment or like the sound of the ventilation systems mentioned in this blog, get in touch.

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