Egger Barony – Ayrshire – Pallet Racking Repairs

Our storage team carried out the inspection of pallet racking for a local manufacturer, which highlighted remedial works that were required to ensure health and safety standards were met.

Some older obsolete racking was taken down and used to repair existing damaged racking, while also supplying new pallet racking in its place to maintain the same capacity. Each upright was fitted with wrap round guards, to ensure they are protected in the event of a collision.

An outer single-entry run was moved to form a back to back run,  with an anti-collapse mesh back  fitted to the rest to prevent anything falling into the walkway behind.

This resulted in another delighted customer, who was thrilled with his pallet racking works and has since placed additional orders with us.

Egger Barony

Project Type:Pallet Racking Inspections and Installations
Duration:1 weeks
Architect:Worksmart Storage Team
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