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Strategic Partnership

Worksmart Contracts Ltd are delighted to be forming a strategic partnership with Autonomous iOt. Autonomous iOt are a Glasgow based organisation, founded in 2019, who are committed to tackling climate change through the research, development and manufacturing of environmentally conscious renewable energy products powered by the sun and wind.

Designed For Optimal Energy Savings

Their main product incorporates LED lighting controlled by a smart controller, integral wireless surveillance and a monitoring system. Designed for optimal energy savings, it is an ideal extendible platform for applications such as communications, smart-city connectivity, emergency alert systems, analytics and many more future technologies currently under development.

The partnership will allow both organisations to target new markets with green products, including the carbon-reducing intelligent platform, which has had UK wide uptake from public sector organisations such as housing associations, councils and private sector companies.

By supplying and fitting this unique product, Worksmart Contracts Ltd are reducing the carbon footprint of our clients and enhancing the security of their premises and staff. Furthermore, with no sign of the recent increases in energy costs easing, this is the perfect solution for businesses who are looking to invest now to gain long-term cost savings.

Self Powered Intelligent Hybrid Technologies

The new AiOt-V01(Industrial - 1200mm) and AiOt S01 standard 900 mm street lights are externally LED units with a Smart Controller, powered by Lead Crystal Batteries which can be recharged from renewable solar or wind energy. These smart lightings come fully equipped in an eco-friendly enclosure designed to maximise air flow for the customised fan.

The A-iOt smart controller is remotely configurable via custom cloud-based web management software. The lights will only be on full power when required and energy saving motion detection makes them eco-friendly. You can retrofit the system onto existing lighting poles or used in a green field situation with new poles.

Energy Efficient

With the LEDs only being used at night, the custom solar panel recharges the battery throughout the day. The battery can be easily recharged daily thanks to the combination of solar and wind power generated from the in-built wind turbine.

The housing can contain a variety of different iOt devices. This gives you the possibility of solutions for commercial lighting, surveillance, communication, monitoring, analytics, emergency alerts, advertising, smart parking, smart city and pollution monitoring.

Autonomous iOt 12


Long life, high luminosity technology used in vehicle headlamps is employed to create these customised LEDs.

Autonomous iOt 11


Easy to install, fully customisable cameras with a 360-degree view as well as thermal technology and traffic monitoring.

Autonomous iOt 10


Simplified monitoring software with a customisable dashboard and intelligent sensors.

Autonomous iOt 9


The latest wireless technologies offer an expanded network infrastructure for seamless communication.

Smart Lighting Platform

Intelligent lighting system with hybrid wind and solar powered battery. Energy and cost-efficient as well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Available system enhancements include:

Smart Control

Remotely configurable controller which can be operated via A-iOt’s custom cloud-based web management software. Motion detectors are used to save energy and the platform can easily be retrofitted onto existing lighting poles or used on a new pole in a green field situation.

Monitoring Software

360° CCTV Surveillance /Traffic Monitoring

Offers first class security and monitoring using a 1/2.8 progressive scan CMOS image sensor which delivers a 360-degree view. With mainstream H.265/H.264 video compression and built in 128GB on-board storage and full integration with iOt’s custom monitoring application, this key product feature provides outstanding value within urban and rural locations. 


Thermal & Optical CCTV Surveillance

Combining thermal an optical modules for round the clock security and surveillance applications. The 1920 x 1080 optical camera is easily managed through a custom dashboard application and provides excellent daylight imaging. Combined with the thermal module the surveillance gives outstanding performance even in challenging weather conditions where general visibility is reduced.


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