Office Fit-Out Glasgow

It can be hard to keep yourself and your staff motivated.  Every business has to contend with this, so you’re not alone. However, what really does help, is having the perfect work space.  Think about it. Would you rather worked in a cramped office with no windows and no break room, or a spacious office with lots of natural lighting and a staff room. Obviously, the latter. While you can always refurbish an office, it’s best to get it perfect from the start. If you’re a new business, or a business hoping to relocate, our office fit-out in Glasgow will provide you with a stunning interior space. However, it’s not just down to us. In order for us to provide you with a fantastic space, you need to let us know what you want.

Now, we know this can seem daunting. Ideally, you want to achieve the best office fit-out the first time. It will save you a lot of bother in the long run. However, this should be an exciting time rather than a stressful one. After all, you’re about to have the office of your dreams. There are a number of things you can do to make the process easier for yourself. So, here are four ways you can experience a stress-free office fit-out in Glasgow:

Plan Ahead


Are you looking to move office in the near future? Well, you should start the planning stages of your office fit-out in Glasgow now. You do not want to be in a position where you’re moving staff in while working is being completed. An office space rework requires time and work in order to be perfect. There’s a timeline that should be followed. Now, this can have one of two effects. Fitting this timeline in your workspace can either give you headaches or have little to no impact on your business operations. This will all be down to planning. We’d advise making sure you leave enough time for work to be done before you try to move in.

To get an idea of how long the timeline could be for your office fit-out in Glasgow, consider consulting with a firm first. If you decide to go with one of the highest-quality providers of office fit-outs (us), you can contact us and we’ll help you out with some timeline estimates.

Set a Goal


What kind of office culture do you want to establish? What kind of facilities will you need to achieve this? Where do you want your business to be next year? You should have a set goal in mind for the future of your office. A fit-out is a complicated affair, and in order to get it right, you will need to keep in mind your future goals. Do you want a more relaxed open space where anyone can work anywhere? Or a more efficient and organized one with set areas for set staff? Both are ideal for different businesses, but both are hard to change afterward. So it’s helpful to know what you want when speaking to your fit-out team.

The best way to figure out your goal is to have a sit-down with management and determine what you want from your fit-out, and what outcome you’d like to have.

Set Your Budget


Having a set budget is important. You need to be upfront with your fit-out team about your budget. This is so they can help you to plan in a realistic manner, what your future office could look like. Also, a fit-out usually involves other things, such as buying new office equipment, fixtures, and furniture, as well as lighting and IT needs. You’ll need to consider these as well so you won’t have to agonize over it when time comes.

Once you’ve determined the budget, make sure to leave a little extra available so you have some wriggle room. Our office fit-outs in Glasgow usually stay firm to a budget, but you never know what changes you may feel inspired to make while the work is ongoing.

Hire a Professional Firm


It’s definitely tempting to take a DIY approach to an office fit-out in Glasgow. Slap some paint on there and it’ll be fine; an okay approach to take to your spare room, but not an office where you want to produce your best work. As such, it’s best to leave the fit-out work to the professionals. A quick inspection will reveal what they intend to do with space and incorporate your goals to maximum effect.

To this end you’ll want to do your research on finding the right office fit-out team in Glasgow. They will have experience in fitting out offices in the same industry and have all the knowledge to complete the project from start to finish. Thankfully, we are one such team that can do this. Work Smart has years’ worth of experience in completing successful office fit-outs; a number of which you can view on our website.

Office space can either be a hindrance to your team’s productivity or a boon to them. Make sure you hire the right contractor and one that has your best interests on hand. For more information, please feel free to get in contact. We’re always happy to answer questions.

Fit-Out Glasgow

Are you struggling to keep your staff motivated? When it’s warm outside, it’s understandable that staff probably don’t want to be locked away in a dark office. Did you know that the work environment makes a big difference when it comes to productivity? It makes sense. Would you feel more inspired in a cramped workspace or a spacious and well-lit one? Every business or organization can benefit from an office fit-out, and not just for aesthetic and design reasons. We provide clients with a fit-out in Glasgow that will boost productivity and here’s why.

A Complete Overhaul

The interior of an office is often seen as a low-priority concern when it comes to creating a new office space. For example, it’s essential to install the necessary power lines, internet, and lighting. However, what often happens after that though is that the interior becomes less of a concern. Desks and chairs are placed haphazardly and it’s called good enough. This isn’t how you create the best work environment. The interior deserves more consideration.

A fit-out in Glasgow will serve as the best opportunity to give your business the offices it deserves. It’s a lot easier to start off with the perfect office, rather than having to refurbish it later on.

Pass Legal Requirements

Getting a fit-out ensures your company is abiding by government regulations and legal requirements for workforces. Our expert fit-out team can inspect your workplace and recommend the necessary changes to make it 100 percent compliant.

Although legal requirements constantly change, you’re already one step ahead because you know the building is up to code. As a side bonus, your employees and management will know that you have their best interests in mind as you’ve had experts develop the space.

Also, keep in mind that there are sanctions when it’s found that a workplace is not meeting legal requirements. These include fees and possible downtime.

Faster and More Efficient Productivity

Not having an optimized workspace will add hours to employees’ tasks and cost you in the long run.

Every minute that a worker can’t get to his or her desk costs your business time. If a meeting room is so far away that it takes a few minutes for everyone to get inside, you lose time. If your employees are so uncomfortable in a dark space, that they need frequent breaks outside, this takes away from productivity. This adds up over time and equates to hours.

Proper organization is truly essential for productivity’s sake. When lighting, space, and areas are optimized your staff will be happy and they get a nice boost in productivity as a result.

Optimized Use of Space

One of the best reasons for having a fit-out is so you can maximize the space you’re given. We can help to tailor it to the everyday work involved in your organization.

Workspaces shouldn’t be too crowded nor uncomfortably open. Modern designs and creativity should go hand in hand, as well as functionality. Instead of having a second boardroom, you can make a second break room to improve employee morale. Details like this will make all the difference.

Show Off Your Company Culture

Incorporating your brand culture in an already existing space will prove to be near-impossible, not to mention costly.  It’s better to get the right start. You can get a fit-out in Glasgow that shapes out exactly how you want your office to look and feel.

Remember, a fit-out is important for business growth as it can give you these five benefits and many more. If you’re interested in a fit-out in Glasgow, make sure to contact us. Our team is always happy to help.

Glazed Partitioning Fitting Glasgow

Every employee wants to work in a modern, comfortable office. We offer a number of services that can help you to achieve this. Our glazed partitioning fitting in Glasgow is one such service that greatly enhances your workplace. Glass partitions are undoubtedly modern and a good way to design your office for maximum productivity and efficiency.

It’s not all about design, though. Here are 5 reasons why you should have them installed during your next fit-out.

Helps Lower Noise Levels

Glass partitions can come in glazed or clear but what most people don’t know is that they act as efficient barriers when it comes to noise.

To get the most of your fittings it’s recommended that you get glazed partitioning fitting in Glasgow, as it reduces noise pollution and helps with your employees’ concentration. Add in some soundproofing and you have a relatively quiet workspace even during its busiest hours.

Allows Natural Light to Pass-Through

Every office should have sufficient light during working hours. It’s best to have natural light as it can lessen eye strain and allow your employees to become more productive while keeping headaches at bay. Glass is the preferred choice as it allows light to pass through. The illusion it brings is an open and bright space, which is better than a cramped and tight area. If possible, you can design your office to let in as much natural light as possible to reduce stress levels and have your employees get much-needed vitamin D.

One more benefit of natural light is that it can lessen sick days and improve employee well-being, something that other partition materials can’t offer.

Save on Energy Costs

With our glazed partitioning fitting in Glasgow, you can achieve a brighter workspace without spending too much on lighting solutions. Glass is an excellent material for allowing light to pass through. Aside from natural light sources, you can supplement with energy-efficient solutions so your office stays brightly lit at all times.

When you choose glass as your partition you won’t have to spend as much on artificial light, and less wattage equals a lower energy bill every month.

Can Be Installed Easily

Glass office partitions are popular because it’s easy to set them up and are customizable enough that you can get them in the design and dimensions you want. This simple yet effective partitioning solution really shines in instances where you need to have them disassembled or re-assembled somewhere else. In this case, structural modifications will be minimal and there’s less disruption in your day to day affairs.

Unbeatable Aesthetic and Design

Last but not least, glass partitions are great for style and making a good first impression. This is important if you have a constant stream of customers or clients. A bright, clean and modern workspace is appealing not just for clients but for future employees alike. You can design them to your liking and have a range of options, including full or half frame, single to triple glazing and frameless or steel framed solutions. You can even have a custom made design and create a truly unique workspace you can call your own.

There are many reasons to invest in a glass partition for your office. The good news is that there are many design options available for those who want to refresh their workspaces. If you’re interested in a glazed partitioning fitting in Glasgow, make sure to get in contact

Fit-Out Services Glasgow

Kross Glaze

If you want to do your best work, you really do need to have the best surroundings. Your workplace should be somewhere that your employees and clients should look forward to coming to and the interior impacts that in a big way. Are you feeling uninspired with your office interior? Our fit-out services in Glasgow will give your workplace a much-needed makeover. Office design has evolved from maximizing space to modern themes that boost productivity.

There are a number of changes that our fit-out services in Glasgow can make to your office that will transform it into a more productive and enjoyable space. Here are five changes you should consider when you begin the process of having a fit-out. Whether you’re a new or an established company, these small changes can make a huge impact on your workspace.

Change the Lighting

Lighting is probably the last thing in your mind when thinking about office redesign, but optimizing it goes a long way towards better productivity. While it’s often overlooked, lighting makes a big difference. It’s most especially noticed when you opt for the wrong lighting. For example, you know that you need to replace lighting if your employees are constantly complaining about eye strain, fatigue, headaches and the like. This only means that there’s not enough illumination.

Our fit-out services in Glasgow will help you to create a space that is optimally lit for both aesthetics and performance.

Allow for Greater Flexibility

Having an employee tied to a single desk is no longer acceptable, especially in today’s ever-changing roles in the workplace. The focus lies in creating office spaces where tasks can be achieved to their highest standard. For some tasks, a plain desk simply won’t do. Our fit-Out Services in Glasgow can make it so that employees can make adjustments to their space depending on the work they need to be done for the day.

An open-plan office can provide easy access to co-workers, with a dedicated private space for business calls and tasks that require focus and concentration. For brainstorming, you can dedicate a corner and set it with a whiteboard for collaboration and visualization.

Comfort and Ergonomics

All the furniture and layout should be optimized for ergonomics and comfort. Standing desks and comfortable office chairs should be your starting point when redesigning an office. This is something that we can advise on.

Numerous studies have shown that sitting for too long can be detrimental to one’s health. Companies are starting to realize the importance of standing up to take a break every now and then, which means space should be allocated for these types of activities.

Declutter with Storage Solutions

Productivity, whether it be in the home or office, is derailed when there’s too much clutter. Part of your office redesign should include storage solutions so clutter can be organized. Desks piled up with paperwork is not conducive for productivity. Filing cabinets, shelves and similar articles should be added nearby so workers can work better on a cleaner, clutter-free desk.

Solving the clutter problem not only leads to higher productivity but efficiency as well.


Organic design is a must when it comes to improving your office. To this end plants are a welcome change as they clean the air and are good for improving employee mood and well-being.

Pick plants that are hardy and can survive low-light conditions. You should also strategically place them near windows so they can survive and continue to clear the air and provide eye candy for your employees. It also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your office space! We’re working towards a more environmentally friendly future. So, this will be a fantastic look for your business. Especially when clients come to visit.

Don’t Forget the Break Room

Break rooms shouldn’t be an afterthought. It’s a space where your employees can spend their breaks relaxing and chatting with fellow colleagues. Studies show that breaks allow employees to restore their focus, concentration and motivation, as well as allow them to be more productive.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on these benefits, so consider enhancing your breakroom also.

So, if you’re looking to get these benefits and more, our fit-out services in Glasgow are something that you should definitely consider. Get in contact if you’d like to hear more.