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A Day in The Life of a Trainee Quantity Surveyor: Dylan Parker


3rd December 2018


1:10 pm

Hi Dylan, thanks for sitting down with me today. Before we delve into your day, could you give me a brief description of your job and your responsibilities within Worksmart?

No problem at all. I’ve been in the position for 18 months which also involves attending Glasgow Caledonian University one day a week. My role consists of assisting in all estimating and commercial aspects of the business. Although I mostly assist, I also have my own estimates and jobs to run as well – under the supervision of either the Commercial Director or the Estimating Director. It’s been fantastic to have been given so much responsibility despite being relatively new to the company.

What time do you wake up in the morning?


What’s your morning routine?

Shower, breakfast, get ready and then out the door and straight to the gym for a workout before heading into the office.

What’s for breakfast?

Porridge or toast. Or sometimes both!

When do you arrive at the office?

Usually about 7.50am.

What do you prioritise when you arrive?

Emails, if there are any. And then I’ll either pick up from where I left off the day before or start the next thing on my list.

What’s the biggest hurdle you need to overcome in your job?

That’s a difficult one. Probably my inexperience and being young. I’m only 20, so sometimes people don’t really take you seriously because of your age. Despite this, I have been given massive support from Worksmart and have been made to feel like I’m an integral part of the team. Working with such a great company and with such inspiring people is added motivation for me.

What part of your job do you love the most?

Meeting new people and speaking to different types of people. I enjoy this because it gives me the opportunity to learn from new people every day. You should always assume the person you’re speaking to knows something you don’t.

How many meetings do you have during the day?

I have the odd meeting, but I do quite a lot of speaking on the phone, I like that. I didn’t at first as I was quite nervous, but I’ve been gaining experience as time has gone on and I’m becoming more comfortable doing things that previously made me apprehensive.

When will you leave the office?

Usually 5.05pm. If there is more work that needs to be done, I’ll stay behind and do it though. You see a lot of people doing this at Worksmart. Everyone pulls their weight and has great desire to work hard, even when they’re not on the clock!

Does the work continue at home?

Not for Worksmart, but I have to do a lot of Uni work when I get home. Because I’m only there one day per week, there’s a lot to be done at home. It can be stressful from time to time, with such a heavy workload, but I’m lucky to be in this position and intend to put in the hard work to repay the faith Worksmart have shown in me and forge a successful career here.

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