Worksmart’s Lisa Neilson Takes on New Directorship at Hansel

Worksmart’s Co-owner and Financial Director is taking on an additional role as a Director at Hansel. Lisa will share her time between her new duties with the charity, based in Symington, and her current responsibilities at Worksmart.

Throughout Worksmart’s 18 years, Lisa has helped run and establish the individual companies within the Worksmart Group, who mainly specialise in Interior Refurbishment and Fit-Out. Now it’s time for her to share her business knowledge and expertise with Hansel.

Worksmart has always had a connection with Hansel, attending many of their fundraising events over the years. Lisa’s nephew Oliver has Down’s Syndrome with Autism, which is also exacerbated by other health concerns.

Along with other members of the family, Lisa sees the struggles Oliver goes through on a daily basis. Once Oliver reaches 18 years old, the support that he has will change as he becomes an adult. Hopefully this is where he can access Hansel and its facilities to support him and his family.

For more 50 years Hansel has been working for people with support needs. They are a diverse and dynamic organisation offering a unique range of flexible and innovative support, fully embracing the challenges and opportunities of individuals.

Hansel are bringing in new Directors to broaden the strength of the business and help to strategically plan for the future. Lisa’s appointment will help to support the Alliance Board as well as two other committees, starting on 1st December 2020.

Lisa said: “It’s already been a challenging year for everyone and it has given me a chance to re-evaluate what is important. Taking this position will give me another focus in an area that I can connect with Hansel and my nephew Oliver.”

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