Worksmart in the Community

Our Local Community

Worksmart embrace and believe in supporting our local community in numerous different ways. This includes being involved with various local charities, and supporting local causes that empower local people and help to grow the local economy.

Some such charities we work closely with include Centrestage, a community-based organisation who run events, classes, meet-ups, shows and more. Their ethos is based on Fun, Food and Folk, and they provide lots of great entertainment and learning opportunities for people around Kilmarnock.

Partnership with Ayrshire College

As well as this, we are very involved with local schools and colleges. Local apprentices join Worksmart every year and among other works will often be involved in projects in local organisations. Most recently we have seen this with our works at Ayrshire College and Kilmarnock Football Club.

In the case of the former, some of the apprentices were literally working on their own college, as they attend the academic part of their apprenticeships at Ayrshire College – another part of our ongoing partnership. By taking on local apprentices we see it as investing in our industry and helping to ensure that we will have enough skilled labour in years to come.

Supporting our Local Club

Nothing brings Worksmart more pride than seeing its name up around Kilmarnock F. C’s Rugby Park Stadium. The Club’s home ground has undergone extensive regeneration in recent years, with Worksmart Contracts being heavily involved in the refurbishment works within the stadium. The all-new Champions Lounge is a place where people can enjoy the atmosphere and hospitality offered by Kilmarnock F.C and experience the history of the Club.

Recently, Worksmart has worked on the new restaurant within the Park Hotel, which adjoins onto the football stadium. This interior refurbishment has created a modern and comfortable feel for hotel and dinner guests, and has taken yet another part of the local community up a level. It has also created more jobs and opportunities for local people in the process.

Ayrshire Samaritans

The Ayrshire Samaritans are another fantastic organisation doing wonderful things for our local community. They work tirelessly to help people suffering from things such as depression and help people come back from dark places. Worksmart try to promote their services whenever possible, and raise money to help their cause. If anyone is reading this who has been going through a tough time and doesn’t know where to turn, you should click here.

Pushing Boundaries

Worksmart have been working with the Women in Construction & Women in Property programmes for some time now. These programmes are working to raise awareness in the industry and increase the number of women working within the construction industry.

Over the last year or so, we have dispatched our own emissaries to various high-profile events within our industry aimed at promoting more female involvement within the construction industry. These events are a melting pot of ideas and inspiration; you can read about Kellie-Ann’s recent trip to the Women in Construction here.


This year, our first ever female joinery apprentice received the prestigious John Mathers Trust Award for her career achievements during her time with Worksmart. Briony collected her award at a ceremony held at Ayrshire College back in March and it’s not only a testament to her hard work, but the hard work of people fighting for a more diverse and accepting workforce.

Change is happening within our industry and Worksmart are proud to be helping shift attitudes on the matter.

Our Future

Going forward, Worksmart will remain heavily involved with organisations and projects within our local community, as well as programmes that we believe are for the good of our industry. We are a company with certain visions and values which we wish to uphold and never stray from.

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How Worksmart Deliver Value to Clients

In today’s world the expectations and demands placed upon those in the industry are high. We are doing more work, in tighter timeframes and for less money. Every company within the sector has three main areas in which they must compete: Cost, quality and differential.

“Why should we use Worksmart?” is asked in relation in all three before projects are awarded our clients and their professional teams.


Worksmart use trained and experienced estimators and quantity surveyors to calculate and build our professional tender submissions. These highly experienced professionals are aided by strong relationships in our sub-contracting and supply chain, right through to our site managers, project managers, joiners and apprentices.

This level of depth allows our estimators and surveyors to ensure cost is accurate, reliable and at a very competitive level. Being able to remain competitive is how we have been able to secure tenders and, most importantly, retain clients and achieve repeat business with them, as well as forging strong client relationships.


The Worksmart team is made up of highly experienced professionals, each of whom is performing at the very top of their field. Worksmart is always looking to strengthen the team with individuals who demonstrate excellence in their area of expertise. By bringing in the hardest working and most meticulous individuals, the level of the team is improved and other people become more motivated.

Having such high standards among individuals means the bar is constantly being raised and the level of work improves each and every day. This is reflected in the quality and precision of the works we are able to produce for our clients.

The proof is most certainly in the pudding, so you can click here to view a range of our previous case studies.


We use a vast array of different avenues to support our clients. We believe this is becoming one of the most frequently asked questions by people in the industry. Worksmart’s aim is to create and develop a business that our staff want to work for, and one that clients want to work with. We continue to actively develop our team’s culture in order to help us develop as a business.

Worksmart have a proven track record in working in all market sectors with a variety of size, complexity and with various programme requirements and operational times. We have demonstrable success in all commercial market sectors, from commercial office interiors to education, healthcare, the public sector, leisure, retail and industrial markets.

We work closely with everyone involved in a project for the benefit of each and every party. This dedication to the final outcome is what allows us to produce such superior work. Our strengths also lie in our geography. With office locations in Kilmarnock, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London & Brussels, we are never too far from any of our clients, should they wish to meet. This gives us a distinct advantage over many of our competitors and makes life much easier for the people we work with.

In order to remain as open and accessible as possible, we continue to adhere to our policy of our directors and senior managers being completely accessible to clients. Many clients approach us with horror stories of not being able to communicate freely with past contractors. We decided early on that we would never be that type of company. We believe in communication throughout all stages of a project. This involves the sharing of ideas and concerns in order to ensure complete client satisfaction during a project.

Get in Touch

If you have any upcoming projects or would like to learn more about Worksmart, we would be delighted to have a conversation. Get in touch with us here or give us a call on 01563 53 55 11.


Women in Construction Summit London 2019

Back in May, we sent our very own Kellie Ann down to London to the Women in Construction Summit. Here, she writes about her experience at the event, and speaks about the issues that were up for discussion. 

I attended the Women in Construction Summit on the 16th May at the Olympia, London. This summit was a real buzz of women and men coming together to discuss issues currently facing people in construction. The event was focused on how different companies and organisations want to repaint the industry and resolve key issues, as well as focusing on eliminating any diversity issues going forward.

I found it really interesting listening to the various speakers as they would give us examples of things they had come across during their own careers and how they had dealt with it. Sarah Beale from CITB was there discussing the problems she faced while she was CITB’s youngest ever CEO. People would frequently overlook her in the assumption that she couldn’t possibly be the CEO of the company, being that she was not only young, but also a woman.

Barbara Res was also there discussing how times are changing in construction for women, but not fast enough. As she was the head of construction for Trump Towers back in the 1970s, she has seen it all and can speak honestly about what she has experienced during her career. The evolution of construction was discussed, and it was pointed out that it is moving very slowly.

The percentage of women in construction has remained the same since the 1970s. Another topic of the day was that the construction industry employs such a diverse group of individuals already, and 30% of the workforce are foreigners. With Brexit around the corner this was highlighted, and it was predicted that there could be a significant impact to the construction industry leading to shortages.

A big focus of the day was flexible working hours. Being a male dominant field in the past, this hadn’t been too much of an issue. Now, however, with more and more women entering the construction industry and a rise in the amount of men taking more time to be with their families, it is now being acknowledged that the construction industry needs to rethink its position on flexible working hours. The goal is to change the current norm and have a system that works for both workplaces and employees.

Everyone at the seminar was on board with this and some companies gave examples of the measures they are already putting in place. Most have the same idea of ‘core hours’ in which everyone needs to be at their place of work, but the hours out with these can be worked to make their contracted hours as they please. Many have said this works well and allows for things such as doctors and dentist appointments as well as family commitments and child care.

The onus on was being put on the companies to make flexible working hours happen. For women, changing maternity pay was also discussed. Many of the bigger construction companies offer 3-6 months full pay whilst on maternity leave. This was also mentioned as a selling point for women considering a career in construction, as starting a family can often threaten to derail a career.

Being a seminar focused on diversity, it was also highlighted that different religions and cultures need to be taken into consideration. An example was given of a Hindu employee who needed a week off to celebrate Diwali, rather than the time he was given off over the Christmas period. During Ramadan, Muslims fast during the day and can only eat when the sun is down. One company has already incorporated this into its guidelines and has allocated special areas praying.

Another important issue relating to diversity was raised during the conference that struck me. Someone suggested that while everyone has day-to-day problems they must deal with, people from minority groups may face more challenges or oppression than most. It was recommended that everyone keep mindful of things like this, in order to ensure a happier and more accepting workplace.

The whole thing was positive and inspiring and challenged companies to think of ways of bringing everyone together. Family open days seemed to be a popular thing and had already been hailed a success from several companies attending. I think implementing flexible working hours would be such an investment for companies as in this day and age, everyone has commitments outside of work and with mental health being highly focused on, maintaining a healthy work/life balance is so important.

— Kellie Ann Bryden