Schools Back – End of a Busy Summer for Worksmart

It’s official, the schools are back!

This marks the return to work various sectors in which we undertake project during the summer, such as colleges, Universities and Football Clubs. It’s been a very busy summer workload for Worksmart and we’ve been all over Scotland and the UK. Recent years have provided Worksmart Contracts with a busy work load throughout the summer shut downs in a variety of markets and 2019 has been no different.

Unfortunately, the Scottish weather hasn’t been much different to past summers either!

Challenging Schedule

This time of the year is always a challenging one. We need to ensure that we are fully prepared, as the logistics of the summer can be highly complex. Manufacturer shut downs, direct labour holidays, and sub-contractor’s workloads always have to be taken into consideration when undertaking projects during the summer.

It can be very challenging to manage all of these factors, but we try our very best to accommodate our client’s main contracts, their variations and whatever changes are requested along the way.

Traditionally our direct labour and sub-contractor labour levels rise 30%+ in this eight to ten-week period. Being able to call on skilled labour consistently during this time is another challenge we have to face.

This year has been another interesting and rewarding summer. Our teams have been engaged in some fabulous projects, from high level design and product specifications, to routine upgrades of various facilities that can only be carried out while staff and students are on holiday.

No two projects are ever the same.

Fire Doors and Passive Fire Protection

One thing we have been asked to assist in a lot this year is helping to educate our existing clients in Fire Doors and Passive Fire Protection. We have been able to assist with our fully certificated, vetted and third party approved Inspectors, Installers and maintainers.

We would recommend a visit to our sister company – Worksmart Fire Door Inspection – to find out more and to ask them to arrange a meeting to go through and assist in all matters involving Fire Doors and Passive Fire Protection. Our clients have found this service to be extremely useful and thus far we have helped designers, architects, surveyors and FM Managers.

Retraining our Focus

Now that staff and students are all back to work and our busy summer period has come to an end for another year, we like to turn our attention towards training and staff development. Currently we have several schemes in place, such as SSSTS, SMSTS, First Aid, PASMA, IPAF and Asbestos Awareness. All of these are either being implemented as the training matrix requires, or people are simply being sent on refresher courses.

In addition, we are proud to announce that we have started a further two Apprentice Joiners! One in the West and one in the East to help with the skills shortage we are currently facing in our construction industry. Worksmart are very proud of our Apprentice and Graduate Training Programmes along with our Schools Project and various work placements in all our offices.

I am sure you will get to meet the new apprentices soon and you should look forward to some upcoming case studies which we will be sharing in the next few weeks.

– Steve Neilson

My Four Week Construction Placement at Kilmarnock F.C.

Not many young football fans get to spend time at the club they love after the full-time whistle has gone, but that’s exactly what happened to Fynlay. He was lucky enough to land a work experience placement, not only in the construction industry, but also at his beloved Kilmarnock Football Club! Fynlay was kind enough to document everything about the experience for Worksmart Contracts…

Being a Kilmarnock Football Club fan and knowing Worksmart Contracts, I decided to make contact to see if there was a possibility of an extended schools’ placement. I felt this would be the perfect way to gain experience in the construction industry between completing my fourth-year exams and returning to do my Highers after the summer.

I was invited to attend an interview in Worksmart’s Kilmarnock office and was made very comfortable by everyone I met. I was asked to go through my CV, tell them about myself and what I was doing both in and out of school.

Fortunately, my previous placement experience with James Guthrie, a local solicitor in Kilmarnock, gave me a lot to talk about. Coincidentally, both Worksmart and James Guthrie have been sponsors of my football team, Hurlford, over the last few seasons.

The interview was good and I felt at ease as I have previously done mock interviews and talks with Worksmart at my school. These exercises are designed to help prepare young people for these exact types of situations, and I’m pleased to report it made a big difference!

Killie’s New Summer Signing!

I was lucky enough to secure a four-week contract, which included some great perks, decent rates and holiday pay! I had done some work in construction before but nothing like what I was going to be getting into this time.

I had my HR Induction in the office then taken to site with all my brand-new PPE kit ready to work. After meeting the Management Team, I was taken to another induction and met with all the on-site people. Everyone looked after me and made me look at safety and lifting etc. All the joiners, electricians, plumbers, painters, ventilation teams, flooring, and so many more trades were all great with me. It was amazing to see so many different trades doing their thing on a project.

As much as I was enjoying the work and the team, my favourite thing every day was seeing the Killie team and meeting the new Killie Manager. The Kilmarnock Football Club board would even say hello and ask how I was getting on! It was brilliant, and all because I was part of a large team ripping out and fitting out the lounges and facilities for Kilmarnock Football Club.

One of my friends also secured a work placement for a week, so it was great for us to be working together on site with the teams.

Back to School

Now that I have finished my work placement and I’m back at school, I can look back and be proud of having been a part something special at my favourite Club. Everyone I have spoken to absolutely loves the new facilities. The entire Worksmart team has done an incredible job.

I am also really proud to say that while I was working, I saved my wages and bought my junior season ticket as well as the new Killie top. It’s great knowing that my first wage went on something special… oh, and I also got a wee surprise for my maw and paw, just to keep them on my side!

I loved working in Construction and I’m now thinking that once I get my grades and make it to Law School, I can study Construction Law… or better yet play for Killie!

Thanks to everyone at Worksmart and all the subbies for letting me help them.