How to Choose the Right Fit-Out/Refurbishment Contractor


Carrying out a Fit-Out or Refurbishment can be a massive undertaking for a client, as an Architect or Surveyor, it’s crucial you steer them in the right direction and choose the correct contractor. We’ve devised a list of crucial checkpoints you need to consider before choosing a Fit-Out/Refurbishment contractor for your next project.

Do your Research!

The process of selecting the right contractor begins with research, research and more research! Ask around for advice, speak to their past or current clients; even in this digital age, word of mouth reigns supreme when it comes to reputation. Check each supplier’s credentials and evaluate all your options carefully and thoroughly.

Identify your Client’s Needs

Making sure you and your client have established a brief beforehand is equally important. If your client is only looking for a small-scale refurbishment, you don’t want to be wasting time speaking to companies that specialises in huge projects that span entire buildings.

Check they can Handle the Project

Your Fit-Out partner should be able to provide a comprehensive turnkey service that covers all aspects of the project at hand. You want the project to run as smoothly as possible, the best way to guarantee that is by choosing a contractor who have an in-house team of experts across different disciplines.

Check their Accreditation

Make sure to ask to see all the necessary accreditation before choosing a Fit-Out company. Accreditations are the hallmark of a trustworthy contractor. It displays a willingness to produce quality work, as well as the professionalism and discipline needed to keep on top of such matters.

Check their Portfolio

Have a look at their past work. If they produce great work, it will be displayed on their website and across their social media and marketing materials. Make sure you’re choosing a partner who can ‘wow’ you with the quality of their work and the expertise that has gone into creating it.

Talk Health & Safety!

Health and Safety can often make people switch off and want to change the subject. We get it, it’s not the most fun topic to talk about, but it’s one of the most important! Make sure your chosen contractor is on the ball with everything to do with Health and Safety. What measures do they take? What would they do if something went wrong? Is everyone aware of these protocols? The right Fit-Out company will be one who takes every detail of Health and Safety seriously.

Check they have Insurance

Just like accreditations and Health & Safety, making sure there’s insurance in place is vital. Unfortunately, from time to time, things can go wrong, and when it does, you’re going to need the right insurance. Make sure your chosen Fit-Out company has the correct level of insurance and that it can cover the cost of the project, should something go wrong.

Investigate their Finances

It’s important to look into a company’s finances before entering into an agreement with them. If they don’t have strong finances behind them, you could be faced with problems further down the line.

Talk Budget

Is the company being up front with you about costs and budget? If not, then maybe they shouldn’t be trusted with such a project. A professional and diligent company will have a track record of working within budget on past projects. Ask about this. If a company is financially reliable, they’ll be happy to openly discuss projected costs and potential pitfalls of a project.

Are they going to be Good Partners?

This might seem simplistic, but it’s imperative you choose a Fit-Out contractor that you feel you will be able to work with. Make sure you have a good rapport with the key people in the organisation. If you can’t stand working with someone or there are likely to be unhealthy disagreements, your project is going to be a nightmare. Again, a good thing to do would be to ask around about the company in order to see what they’re like to work with.

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Refurbishment Works at Park Hotel Ayrshire


WORKSMART Contracts are delighted to announce that we have been selected as the refurbishment contractor for new works at The Park Hotel in Kilmarnock. The Ayrshire hotel, which is adjoined to Kilmarnock F.C’s Rugby Park Football Stadium, has been granted funding to modernise its facilities.

The works at the four-star hotel include a full refurbishment of the existing café/bar space within the hotel. A new restaurant will be developed in its place and be called The Park Hotel Restaurant. This will include the formation of new seating, a new servery and bar area and general demarcation of the space.

In addition, the project will see the creation of an all new conference and hospitality suite. Worksmart Contracts will do this by revamping the existing restaurant currently situated on the first floor of the hotel. The Park Hotel Suite will include a feature glazed partition, which will overlook the ground floor area.

Worksmart Contracts’ Owner Steve Neilson said: “Once again Worksmart are proud to working alongside other great Ayrshire businesses and helping to strengthen and grow our local community. It’s a matter of pride for us to be working projects like this in our home town and we can’t wait for people to see the results.”

The works will create up to 20 new jobs at The Park Hotel and be completed sometime in the Autumn.

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