Worksmart’s Storage Division


After nearly 2 years of operation, the Worksmart Storage Division has already established themselves as one of the premier suppliers of storage equipment in the UK.  Our marketing apprentice Kieran sat down with Colin Lightbody, Worksmart’s Senior Sales Executive, to discuss their successes.

KJ: Good Afternoon Colin. Which services do the Worksmart Storage Division provide to customers?

CL: Worksmart provide a wide range of solutions to businesses.  From a single bay of shelving to a pallet truck to some lockers to a full interior fit out.  We usually get called in when a customer has a storage or efficiency problem for example, they are moving to larger premises or downsizing but need to maintain the same stock levels, need to get more stock into the same footprint, to allow better access to existing storage or to provide a solution to speed up the picking process or undertake repairs to damaged components.  We use a mix of industry experience coupled with a range of storage equipment we can use to make bespoke solutions for individual requirements to help solve their problems.


KJ: Which businesses can benefit from Worksmart Storage’s solutions?

CL: The Worksmart Storage team work with companies in all sectors and of all sizes.  The customer with 2 staff and a bay of racking today could be the same customer with 1000 staff and 5000 pallet locations so we offer the same professional service to everyone.  For example, we have worked on a project that required a small office space to be fitted in a warehouse, however traditional walls or glazed partitioning could not be used. Instead, Worksmart fitted some demountable Double Skinned Steel partitioning with suspended ceilings, lights, heaters and carpets. This helps to provide an office space with minimal lowering of storage space, which our shelving and pallet racking can help to improve regardless.

KJ: What do you feel has made you so successful after only 2 years of trading?

CL:  I feel that our success can be contributed to a mix of our hard work, industry /product experience, market knowledge and a bit of luck.  Combined, my colleague Alistair and I have over forty years of industry experience, and are therefore well versed to deal with any storage needs you may have. We also have close relationships with all our suppliers and all stages of the supply chain, including working with LLC Consultancy on our library projects. They help to ensure we can provide the highest quality materials to all our clients, while remaining competitive in the marketplace. Additionally, our previous contracts within the storage industry have ensured that we have continued to receive a supply of work from established clients, such as Fife Council Record Management, LAMAS Museum and the Carnegie Library. These clients have provided excellent feedback to Worksmart which has helped to improve our reputation within the storage market.


KJ: How do all the Storage Solutions you supply help your clients?

CL: Each one of the solutions Worksmart provide can help to solve a unique storage problem. For example, if your company has limited space but cannot upgrade to a larger facility, a mezzanine floor can almost double your space, due to a second floor of storage being available. Also, these storage solutions can help to make your business more efficient, due to solutions such as pallet racking allow for easy access to all parts of your storage area. Additionally, Worksmart’s storage solutions all allow for your business to increase their output, due to you having a higher volume of storage space available to your business. This can therefore increase your efficiencies.

More information on Worksmart Storage Solutions, including some of their case studies, can be found at

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Helping to Improve your Business with Worksmart & Komfort Glazed Partitioning Solutions


One of Worksmart’s main supplier partners since our inception in 2002 has been Komfort, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of glass partitioning. Dan Smith, Komfort’s Project Specification Manager, sat down with our marketing apprentice Kieran Johnstone in the Worksmart Lounge built in Double Glazed Komfort Polar Glazed Partitioning with Sonik P Double Glazed Door all with feature Graphics, to discuss how their glazed partitioning can help your business.

KJ: Hi Dan. For those who are unaware, can you explain what glazed partitioning is and what it does?

DS: Glazed partitioning is a dividing solution which is constructed using a multitude of glass types which acts to separate areas of a business. It can also act as a unique and special marketing tool for your business, due to the wide selection of graphics and manifestation that can be placed onto the partitioning that will ensure that your business instantly credibility in your sector of industry.

KJ: What services and solutions do Komfort provide working with Worksmart?

DS: Komfort’s main service is the design of glazed partitioning that includes all manner of research and development to ensure that the product our clients receive is the best it possibly can. We also then manufacture and supply all our glazed partitioning through specialist approved contractors like Worksmart Contracts to use in solutions on fit-outs and refurbishments.

KJ: What type of businesses can use glazed partitioning?

DS: Almost any type of business can use our services. While partitioning is most commonly associated with being used in commercial office space, there has been a rise in public sector and education organisations using this material. For example, Ayr College’s Dam Park Campus was supplied with a Komfort / Worksmart Solution. As you can see from the picture below, this mix of double glazed partitioning and colourful graphics makes this area of the campus look welcoming.


DS: Glazed partitioning has also started to be used to great effect within the medical sector. Due to the ability to use full cover manifestation to allow for complete privacy, several hospitals have started to request glazed partitioning in their fit-outs and refurbishments. We are currently in the tendering process with yourself a technically detailed project that will contain our new “Switch Glass”, which allows for a mains powered switch to be flicked that alters the glass from clear to opaque. This could be the future of areas such as operating theatres in these facilities.

KJ: Appreciating that the solutions we can provide as a team of Worksmart & Komfort how much is Sound and Fire a question when speaking to Architects and Designers?

DS: Both are very important and feature consistently when meeting with Architects and Designers when designing solutions in Interior Fit-Outs and Refurbishments in Interior Contracting Projects. Sound is developing continually and we have some fabulous proven solutions with full formal testing certifications rather than assessments. Fire is similar and coming back into the market more now following recession a few years ago as more is available with Project Budgets than there was then. It could be that its Polar30/30 or formal 60/60 Fire rating we have all the bases and solutions covered.

KJ: Is there a rise in the use of double glazed doors and single glazed doors rather than timber doors?

DS: There has been an increase in both, especially double glazed doors as the costs for this relatively new concept has come down with R&D development and design making these more available to the Project Budgets. We can achieve enhanced acoustic performance using double glazed options at very competitive prices, which is a win win.

KJ: I’ve read many articles that say glazed partitioning can be used to increase productivity. Why is this the case?

DS: Due to the transparency of partitioning, it allows for an excellent open-plan office to be created, as it keeps the traditional division of walls while also allowing for a more open working environment.  Glazed partitioning is a clean and modern material, and also creates a sense of openness and honesty between management and staff, compared to the typical office solutions. Furthermore, partitioning allows natural light to flow more naturally through an office space, and therefore create a clearer work environment for employees to use.

KJ: How do you see Komfort growing over the coming years?

blankDS: Komfort have been trading in this sector for 45 years, and we were the original manufacturer of partitioning systems since our inception. We therefore have a wide knowledge of all products that are available in the market. We have been at the forefront of the design, manufacture and distribution of all manner of glass solutions for decades, and therefore feel we are highly qualified to deal with any partitioning enquiries you may have.


KJ: Looking forward to the next follow up session with Dan Smith on the specific Projects which we are working on currently in the office market, healthcare, education and more. Six figures a month for the next six months in the order book and working together.

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